There is something quite bizarre about celebrity culture that on the one hand it tends to put celebrities on the pedestal and the other hand, does not seem to care much about celebrities’ desire for discretion. David Visentin, who first gained fame with HGTV‘s reality show Love It or List It, was constantly on the fans’ mind thanks to certain speculations about him going around in his fan-circles.

In this article, we try to refute some of the false speculations as well as provide you with some true insights into his real life.

Is David Visentin Gay?

That was one question that plagued the mind of the numerous fans of David, even though David never really wanted to share that part of his personal life.

If we were to answer that question in one dismissive word, the answer would be no. As far as the facts were concerned David was not gay. David was married to a woman called Krista Grycko-Visentin, who was a real estate agent just like David. She worked alongside David in their agency, Country Living Realty Ltd.

David and Krista got married in 2006 and they also had a son together in 2011 who they named Logan. David, his wife Krista and their son, Logan, lived in Ontario, Canada.

That was as big a piece of evidence as there could be against the speculation that David was gay. Beyond that, if anything exists, it does in the deepest nooks of David’s heart.

One interesting wiki: almost entire of the Visentin family worked in real estate. Apart from his wife, David’s father, two brothers and a sister were also real estate agents.

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His “Relationship” With Hilary Farr

Another of the quite frequent speculation among David’s fans and wider Love It or List It fans, was that nature of the relationship between David and his co-host of the show Hilary Farr.

In Love It or List It, David and Hilary worked as a team, where David was the real estate agent and Hilary was the Interior Designer for the houses they sold. Within the premise of the show, David and Hilary fought competitively almost like an old married couple.


David Visentin and Hilary Farr in the Love It or List It circa 2020 (PC: Love It or List It IG)

Of course, that led to people speculating that David and Hilary might have a real-life relationship too. Again, that was false speculation. As we have already stated before, David is married elsewhere.

Whereas, Hilary was also once upon a time married and also had a son from that marriage. However, in recent times, she went through a very difficult divorce. After her divorce, Hilary had kept her dating life strict secret.

That is not to say that there is no platonic friendship between Hilary and David. During one interview, Hilary described David as an “annoying brother”. The two of them were also extremely competitive.

Since the format of the show Love It or List It was based on the competition between the two of them, they sometimes got angry with each other and try to one-up with the other. That of course, did not take away the otherwise amicability between them.

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How Tall Is David Visentin?

Now, let’s tell you some interesting truthful wikis about David. First of all the physical traits. David Visentin was 5 feet 11 inches tall. He had a receding hairline with almost no hair on the front part of his head.

Moreover, David had a charming smile with dimples on the wide cheeks.

David Visentin Net Worth, Salary Info

Talking about David Visentin’s net worth and salary info, he reportedly gets approximately $300 thousand per season of Love It or List It. A 2019 article by, however, claimed David pocketed $50 thousand every year from the show.

Apart from that, David also had a source of income from his own real estate company.

In total, David Visentin’s net worth was estimated to be around $4.2 million. Meanwhile, his wife hoarded $8 million in fortune.

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