BravoTV’s reality show Married to Medicine is quite popular. Among all the casts on the show, Dr. Jacqueline Walters had to deal with several heartbreaks in her life. She never had kids because of her cancer and she was cheated on by her former basketball player husband, Curtis Berry.

So who is Curtis Berry? What does he do? What is his net worth? Delve into this Curtis Berry Wiki to learn more about Jacqueline Walters’s husband.

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Curtis Berry Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Curtis Berry turned 61 years of age in 2020. His birthday falls every year on 16 June. Naturally, the date of birth made him a Gemini by zodiac sign.

Curtis Berry Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Curtis Berry was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown of Selma, Alabama, the United States. Almost no details on his family members surfaced as of this writing. Along with his parents, Curtis also never shared details on his possible siblings and other members of his family.

Talking about education, Curtis Berry enrolled at Lutheran Academy. After completing his high school education, he attended the University of Missouri-Columbia. He graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in education.

When everyone believed Curtis was done pursuing academic qualifications, he attended Jones International University to earn his master’s degree. He majored in educational leadership and administration, general.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, he doesn’t appear to be on any of the widely popular websites. And the list included all of the mentioned above, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As for his wife, Dr. Jackie Walters, she is popular in all three of them. Her Instagram account garnered her 906k followers in total. Whereas, her Twitter account gathered 77.6k followers in total as of March 2021. In the same way, Jackie is also on Facebook with 98.8k followers.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

A professional basketball player by trade, he is expected to have a towering height. Curtis Berry stands tall at 6 feet 8 inches (2.07 meters). Whereas, he weighed almost 98 kilograms (216 lbs).

Furthermore, his tall and hunky physique and bald head made him stand out and gave him a distinctive feature. The man has dark circles around his eyes and is always clean-shaved.

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Curtis Berry Net Worth, Job, Career

Curtis Berry emerged in the basketball scene as the sophomore star in the 1978-1979 season while he was at the University of Missouri. He averaged 13.5 points and 9.0 rebounds for a team that went from 13-15 overall but tied for second in the Big Eight with an 8-6 record.

The Selam native continued flourishing with his play and averaged 14.4 points and 7.5 rebounds. Curtis also helped MSU to earn the second reference title. He set nationwide records at the time of quitting basketball and ending his career. He attended 55.6% goal percentage, the 4th rank in MUS’s history.

In 1981, Curtis Berry drafted in the 58 number.

After putting a stop to his professional career, Curtis Berry joined Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. He started as a head basketball coach and contributed for almost 13 years. His coaching gave the school 2 times state champions 2009-2011.

Since 2017, Curtis has been working as an owner of BW Properties LLC.

Along with that, Curtin Berry also earned prominence as a reality star. She starred in BravoTV’s Married to Medicine as the husband of Dr. Jackie Walters. Whereas, his career as a pro-basketball player earned him a total net worth of $1.5 million.

Curtis Berry And Jacqueline Walters: Wedding, Kids

Curtis Berry and Jacqueline Walters married a while ago but they never explored details on their marriage and wedding. A year after their marriage, Dr. Jackie got pregnant but the happiness didn’t last long. After the breast cancer diagnosis, she had a miscarriage.

Furthermore, the married couple’s world shattered when they discovered she couldn’t have babies anymore. She went through a roller coaster of emotions of not being able to have kids and getting diagnosed with cancer.

However, Curtin and Jacqueline supported each other during these tough times.

But, later a blog brought to the light that Curtis was cheating on Dr. Walters. He was spotted with a woman at the South Carolina resort town of Hilton Head Island. Later, it was revealed the mystery woman was Natasha Pearson.

How did Natasha meet Curtis? Well, they reportedly met each other at a party and got along very well with each other.

While Dr. Jackie’s husband tried covering up the affairs, more pictures of the two surfaced on the internet. And by the end of it, he couldn’t deny the allegations. But, what exactly shocked Jacqueline more was when Natasha shared details of her relationship with Curtis.

Natasha claimed they had sex on the very first day of the meeting. They had, what she called was, an “intense sexual relationship.” They repeatedly met in a hotel room that was forcefully booked in her name.

Not only Dr. Jackie was kept in the dark about his relationship, but Natasha Pearson also didn’t know about his marriage. She also didn’t know Dr. Jackie was a reality star in BravoTV. Despite all the lies and hidden truth, Curtis insisted on continuing his relationship with Natasha.

Dr. Jackie finally addressed and shared her thoughts on the scandal and the cheating. She admitted the relationship was far beyond repair and nothing could fix the marriage. However, the couple somehow found the middle ground and have reconciled their differences, and appeared happy together as of March 2021.

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