Dr. Eugene Harris III is a life-saver for many people but for most of us, he is a reality show star. He is one of the cast members of Bravo TV‘s reality show called Married to Medicine.

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Dr. Eugene Harris III Age, Birthday, Zodiac

On 12 December 2018, Dr. Eugene Harris III celebrated his 41st birthday and posted a photo on Instagram. That meant, he was born on 12 December 1977. And that he turned 43 years of age in 2020.

And because of his 12th of December birthday, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

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Dr. Eugene Harris III Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Dr. Eugene was born Eugene Harris III in his hometown of Washington D.C to a black American family.

His mother is Evelyn Grasty Harris. His father was an Army veteran and was most likely called Eugene Harris II. Our reports tell us that Dr. Eugene’s father is no longer alive. However, his mother still loved her husband.

Apart from his parents, Dr. Eugene also had a sibling (brother) named Elliot in the family.

Where he went to high school we do not know, but for his Bachelor’s education, Eugene went to Howard University and graduated with a degree in Biology. Then he went to Emory University School of Medicine for his medical education and Doctor of Medicine degree.

After MD, Eugene also attended Wayne State University for Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Dr. Eugene had quite a substantial social media reach. On Instagram, he had 44.7k followers. Whereas on Twitter, he had 26.6k followers.

He was also present on Facebook and had 1712 friends.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Dr. Eugene Harris III is a man of an average physique. He has an average height of 5 ft and 10 inches. And he possessed an average weight of 94 kgs in 2021.

Talking about his distinct features, Dr. Eugene had a bald head, brown eyes, a goatee, and usually wore rectangular-framed glasses.

Dr. Eugene Harris III Net Worth, Career, Married To Medicine

After finishing his MD as well as the residency program, he started his career as an Emergency Physician at ApolloMD and EHHARRISIIIMDpc at the same time. For the former, he worked for 3 years, and for the latter, he worked for 13 years.

From 2010 to now, Dr. Eugene worked as an Emergency Physician for Schumacher Group. And apart from working all those different jobs, he was also a founder and CMO of NomadMD LLC, which he founded in December 2012.

Dr. Eugene is a practicing doctor but he is also a reality TV celebrity. Together with his wife Toya Bush, he is a part of Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine.

The show is about seven women, either medical professionals themselves or wives of medical professionals, as they balance work and family and relationships among themselves. Dr. Eugene’s wife Toya Bush-Harris is one of the seven women.

Apart from Married to Medicine, Dr. Eugene was also a part of Race in America, another of Bravo TV’s shows.

According to our sources, the net worth of Dr. Eugene Harris III was around $2 million.

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Dr. Eugene Harris III & Toya Bush-Harris: Wedding, Kids

Dr. Eugene Harris III is married to Toya Bush-Harris. Toya is primarily a mother and a wife but also a socialite and a star of a reality show. Toya is a college-educated woman with a degree in Business and Education. In fact, she was an educator in a school in the past.

Toya had also published a children’s book called SleepyHead Please Go to Bed!

Reportedly, Dr. Eugene and Toya met each other and started dating in 2006. And after dating for a couple of years, they married each other at a beautiful wedding on 20 July 2008.

They celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in the July of 2020. In over 12 years since their wedding, Eugene and Toya had two kids, both sons, Avery and Ashton.

Ashton was the eldest of the kids. Ashton was 11 years of age, being born on 25 January 2010. Similarly, the younger son Avery Jace was born on 11 October 2012. That is, he was 8 years of age as of March 2021.


Dr. Eugene Harris III vacationing with his wife and kids circa November 2020 (PC: Dr. Eugene’s IG)

As of 2021, Dr. Eugene Harries, with his wife and two kids, lived and worked in Atlanta, Georgia.

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