Roxanne DeJesus found fame appearing on MTV’s Teen Mom 2, as the mother of one of the show’s stars, Briana DeJesus.

On Jan. 19, 2021, MTV dropped a brand-new special titled Teen Mom 2: Briana’s Family Secret documenting a long-hidden family secret. So what is it, that when revealed, for a while shook the DeJesus family’s world apart?

Find out, as you explore the exclusive wiki-writing about Briana’s mom Roxanne DeJesus.

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Roxanne DeJesus Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born as a Scorpio, on November 3, 1970, Roxanne DeJesus turned 50 years of age in 2020.

About Her Ethnicity, Early Family, Hometown

Seemingly of a mixed kind of ethnicity, Roxanne lived in New York and Orlando, Florida, and there’s a high chance one of the two is her hometown. Although we also knew she lived in Orlando, Florida, as we write this.

According to, Roxanne’s mother, Marta was featured in the 1984 documentary titled “Los Sures”. Roxanne also made cameos on the documentary and was sweetly nicknamed Tweety.

Altogether, Matra had 5 children including Roxanne. She raised them as a single mother in New York. What’s more, she and Roxanne’s father were happy until the drugs took hold of him.

Admittedly, Matra lost her brother before 2017. Meanwhile, she considered her grandma and uncle her heroes.

Roxanne DeJesus Health, Height, Distinct Features

Roxanne DeJesus was diagnosed with lupus sometime in 2017. In medical terms, it is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when the ailed person’s immune system attacks their own tissues and organs. And inflammation caused by lupus can affect the likes of joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart, and lungs. Because there’s no cure for lupus and treatments can only help control symptoms, Roxanne must have a hard time living with the condition.

Speaking of her distinctive features, she stands tall around 5′ 6″, and has eyes of beautiful brown shade.

Is She On Facebook & Instagram?

Roxanne DeJesus is not just on Instagram but also her social media game was so on point with 56.6k followers until Jan. 20, 2021. She had further 79.8k people following her on Twitter. But, she could not be found on Facebook.

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Roxanne DeJesus Occupation, Teen Mom 2, Net Worth

Considering her occupation as her sanctuary, Roxanne clearly earned some part of her bills from her reality TV and social media endeavors.

Circa Nov. 2020, during Teen Mom 2, Briana, with a reported $3 million net worth, had moved into her new condo with her Roxanne, sister Brittany and her daughters Nova, 9, and Stella, 3, at the time.

Around the time, Briana had been sued for over $5k after she allegedly failed to pay construction fees on her new townhouse. While she claimed the company had “messed up”, word had it, the company provided Briana and her mom with granite, paint, plumbing materials, labor, and related supplies for Briana and her mom Roxanne’s Florida home. And the court papers filed by the company on February 21, 2020, claimed the mother-daughter duo owed them an “unpaid” $5,585.25.

Meanwhile Briana, in light of her money struggle after buying the two-story home with a two-car garage, walk-in closets, walk-in shower, and more amenities, asked her baby daddies Devoin and Luis to help her financially.

Roxanne DeJesus Husband, Kids, Pregnant

So far everyone knew Roxanne DeJesus has two kids Briana and Brittany. Although it is not clear if the girls’ dad were her husbands. (Yes, two dads!) Brittany and Briana discovered they were half-sisters while filming VH1’s Family Therapy with Dr. Jen Mann in 2016. Roxanne, no longer able to keep the secret had confessed to her daughters that she had all along lied about them having the same father.

The girls were both devastated when they found out they were half-sisters. The hardest part of all was when Roxanne revealed to Briana that Brittany’s biological father had died.

Meanwhile, the Teen Mom 2 special revelation was more shocking to Briana. Because she knew about her dad having a son, making him her half-brother.

While there always seem to be rumors flying around about the young moms of Teen Mom 2 being pregnant, this time viewers took it to next level questioning if Roxanne herself is pregnant.

The rumor is of course untrue considering Roxanne stepped in her fifties and there’s little chance of her seeking out the opportunity to get pregnant again. Her looking different than her usual self, and i.e. mostly because of Lupus, might have led people to pass likewise comments.


Roxanne with her granddaughters Stella and Nova (from right) (PIC: Roxanne’sIG)

Amid all these happening, Roxanne was busy being a doting grandmother to Briana’s kids. But she faced some backlashes from the viewers for not being as supportive of one of Briana’s baby daddy. Fans accused her of using a racial slur (N-word) towards Briana’s ex Devoin Austin after he leaked her cell phone number online. Some of the people went so far as to demand both Roxanne and Briana to be fired from MTV.

Later, PEOPLE exclusively shared the uncensored clip from the scene in which Roxanne clearly did not use a racial slur. Instead, she called Devoin a d—.

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