It’s been quite a while since we last saw Naomie Olindo on Bravo’s Southern Charm back in 2019. After leaving the show, the reality star seemed to have gone through a slow and steady weight loss, and naturally, her fans were curious about how she achieved it?

So, here we are shedding light on her weight loss and also talking about the hot topic of 2021, her net worth. Stay till the end of this Naomie Olindo wiki to ease your curiosity. 

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Her Age, Birthday

Naomie Olindo was born on August 4, 1992, in France. That made her 28 years of age as of July 2021.

As per her birthday, she is of the Leo zodiac.

Naomie Olindo Dad

On January 2, 2020, Naomie Olindo shared the sad news about her dad’s passing away on IG. She posted a cute picture of him captioned, “A small tribute to my dad, linked in my bio.”

Later, it was revealed that Naomie Olindo’s dad, Joel Andre Olindo left this world at the age of 85 on December 20, 2019. Reportedly, he lost a 12 month long battle with metastatic esophageal cancer.

A Paris, France native, Joel grew up in a difficult circumstance and had a tumultuous upbringing. He started working in restaurants at the young age of 14, and at 19, he found his true calling, Taekwondo. The guy then went on to win Olympic Gold Medal in martial arts for the French National Team in 1973.

However, Joel went back to the restaurant business after his feat in martial arts and achieved an insurmountable and exceptional success in it.

Then, in 1988, he met the love of his life, Naomie’s mother, Carole at a party in Nice, France. After dating for 2 years, the two tied the knot in 1990, and another 2 years later, Naomie would be born.

The couple only had Naomie as their child.

Naomie Olindo Weight Loss

Naomie Olindo first flaunted her weight loss over an IG pic back in July 2018. She wrote a black two-piece suit and her caption mentioned, previously, she was “unhealthy and pretty unhappy about it.” Thus, she started intermittent fasting and substituted her first meal of the day with a “blender bomb smoothie.” 

Her body fat then, “melted off in” a few months.

A year later, in Feb 2019, Naomie was then spotted even slimmer than before. At the time, she had one piece of advice for her fans, “intermittent fasting”. She shared that she was doing it for quite a while and the results were remarkable.

Plus one year later, in 2020, Naomie was again asked by one of her fans about her “intermittent fasting” routine. To which, she replied that it was “typically” 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. each day, along with her favorite drink “vodka/soda/grapefruit”. 

Also, she added that the results could be seen within 3 months of the diet plan. But for her, those “3 months” felt like “forever”.

Her Instagram

As of May 2021, Naomie flaunted 658K followers over Instagram. Also, her Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook then had 68.9K followers, 32.1K, and 1.8K followers respectively.

Find her on her private Facebook account @naomie.olindo.

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Naomie Olindo Store, Restaurant, Business

If you have followed Naomie Olindo since season 3 of Southern Charm then you should know that she then was prepping for a super-secret fashion project. Well, the project launched in June 2018, under the store name L’Abeye.

Initially, Naomie and her co-founder Ginn ran their office virtually from Charleston. Even as of 2021, they didn’t seem to have a physical store and were selling clothes online. Find her shop over IG @shoplabeye with 114K followers, and over Facebook @SHOPLABEYE with 2.7K followers.

Apart from being in the fashion industry, Naomie also helped in her family business. Their restaurant named NICO was an upbeat oyster bar serving French cuisine carefully prepared in a wood-fired oven. Its IG page @nicoshemcreek garnered 15.9K followers as of 2021.

Here is her Linkedin page, in case you want to know more about her jobs.

In light of her education, Naomie attended the College of Charleston for her bachelor’s from 2010 to 2014 and got her master’s degree from the college in 2017.

Naomie Olindo Net Worth

The 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) reality star, Naomie Olindo’s garnered a net worth of under $1 million by 2021. Her earnings can mostly be credited to her fashion store, and her time as a reality star.

Naomie first appeared on Southern Charm back in season 3, but she only became the show’s regular in its sixth installment. Over IMBD, she was credited to over 57 episodes as of 2021.

Did you know: Naomie had a connection to Netflix’s docuseries: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness that featured Myrtle Beach Safari. After the seven-part docuseries premiered in 2020 and fell victim to the rumors accusing Doc Antle of euthanizing tiger cubs after they became too old to interact with the public, Naomie got mashed up in its controversy. Back then, she had several pictures (now-deleted) of her visiting the safari over her IG with her ex-boyfriend Craig Conover, and current (2021) boyfriend Metul Shah as well.

Naomie Olindo Married To Metul Shah?

Naomie Olindo was never married nor engaged to Metul Shah. Before their breakup in 2021, the two were still dating and were planning to move to their NYC home. 

It was back in October 2020, when Metul first announced the plan. He shared that it had already been four years in Charleston, and went on to complain about the city’s rent, weather, subway rats, and kind of everything else in general.

Also, Metul announced that he had received a fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. No wonder, the couple were making their move.

2 months after moving to New York, Naomie broke up from Metul. Speaking to PEOPLE Magazine, her rep confirmed the split. Later, Naomie hinted Metul cheated on her but asked the fans not to attack him. Admittedly, her life was in shambles following the split.


Naomie Olindo and Metul Shah (Source: Instagram)

Eager to know about where the love birds first met? Well, it was at a public gather in 2018.

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