In the world of Instagram celebrities and vine stars, Princess Mae is a big name, with millions of fans, and a stream of questionable life decisions. In this article, we shall discuss her boyfriend Christopher Wontons.

Read this Christopher Wontons wiki below to know everything you need to know about his relationship with Princess Mae.

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Christopher Wontons Age

On 26 March 2021, Christopher Wontons shared a post on his Instagram, wishing a happy birthday to himself. He also mentioned that he had turned 22 years of age on that day.

So, we can say that he was born on 26 March 1999. And his zodiac sign is Aries.

Christopher Wontons Ethnicity

Christopher comes from a family of mixed ethnicity. His father, called Big Marc, on his Instagram bio, is a black American man. And his mother, aka misses_andino, or called Erika in her Instagram bio, is a Latina woman.

Christopher also has three sisters in the family. We do not know the names of the sisters or their exact ages, although all of them were younger than him.

Apart from his parents and his siblings, Christopher also had a grandmother in the family. His grandmother was called Olivia Galaviz Hurtado and she died on 25 February 2020 because of complications during stomach surgery.

Christopher had posted on Instagram multiple times talking about how he missed his grandmother and loved her dearly. To cover the funeral expenses the Galaviz family had established a Gofundme campaign.

His Height: How Tall Is He?

According to our sources, Christopher Wontons stands at a height of 5 ft 11 inches. Furthermore, he has dark black hair and brown eyes, and a handsome face with wide cheekbones.

His Instagram, Facebook

As of May 2021, Christopher was massive on social media, especially on Instagram. On Instagram, where he used the handle “misterwontons“, he had a massive following of 308k.

He was also present on Twitter, but his following was significantly less, only 10k. And we could not find him on Facebook.

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Christopher Wontons Net Worth

As of 2021, Christopher Wontons had a net worth of over $350k.

Christopher’s Instagram bio says that he is an entrepreneur and an investor. So far, we do not know in kind of projects he invests in. However, apart from being an investor and entrepreneur, Christopher was is a social media celebrity.

To be a bit more precise, Christopher is an Instagram celebrity. Not only he had a massive following on Instagram, but he also did the paid promotions on his Instagrams. In the past, he had done promotions for @teamiblends, a nutrition drink brand, and @fashionovamen, a mens’ clothes, and shoe brand.

Furthermore, Christopher also had his “onlyfans” profile, in which he posted the fans requested videos and other things for his fans.

Christopher Wontons And Princess Mae: Cheating, Still Dating?

Now, finally, we are on the meat of this article, i.e. Christopher’s relationship with fellow Instagram celebrity Princess Mae. For a long time, Christopher was in a relationship with Princess Mae, although they had not married.

The two of them even had two children together. Their first child, a daughter Cleo, was born in 2016 when Princess Mae was only 16 years of age and Christopher was 18. Their second child, a son named Ezekiel, was born in 2020.

It was during the time of this second that their relationship started to turn really south. In 2021, a video was uploaded in Tiktok, in which Princess seemed to have caught Christopher cheating her with another woman, and in their own house.

There were also rumors that Chris had also cheated on Princess Mae when she was pregnant with their second child.

A little later, another video came out in which Princess was throwing Christopher’s stuff out of their house. There were also other rumors about Christopher abusing Princess Mae. There was another video in which Chris could be seen shoving Princess into a window.

Fans seemed to be in favor of Princess Mae and Chris’s mother appeared to come out in his defense and started to abuse fans who were criticizing him. Later, Chris himself responded to the abuse allegations.

He asked the fans to watch the full video and said that it was Princess Mae and her friends who were actually attacking him and him shoving Princess Mae was entirely in self-defense. Whatever the truth behind the drama, their relationship had pretty much ended.


Christopher Wontons with his ex-girlfriend Princess Mae and their two children being a family before they separated (PC:

As of now, Princess Mae had moved to a new house with her children. And she was no longer dating Chris.

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