Shan Boodram, a sexologist, is starring as an expert on The New Peacock Show “Ex-Rated.” She served in the show as an intimacy expert and help singles overcome relationship issues. Learn more about the sexpert with this Shan Boodram Wiki where we cover details on her parents, net worth, height, and husband.

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Shan Boodram Age

On 2 April 2021, Shan Boodram turned 35 years old.

Shan Boodram Parents, Siblings

Shan Boodram was born to her mother Olivia Boodram and her White-Irish father in Wimbledon, United Kingdom, but lived most of her life in Toronto, Ontario making her of Canadian nationality. But, her father abandoned her at birth, so she never had experience living with white people.

She has been featured in a few online publications, and during her interview, Shan has shared her heritage to be Guyanese and Dominican.

Speaking about her parents, Shan shared that her father was East Indian, and both of her parents are Caribbean. Because of her father’s large family, she grew up identifying as Indian.

While Shan never claimed exactly a person to be her step-father, however, it has been widely believed that Dianand Boodram, who she was friends with on her Facebook is the one.

Whereas, Shan shared that her mother Olivia was half black and half white. Professionally, Olivia had done several works in diverse fields. Started as a registered nurse for Medcan, Shan then became a travel insurance specialist for Your Travel with Olivia from (2000-2020).

Olivia and Dianand met each other four decades ago, got married, and started a family together.

Olivia also split her time working with Alliance Financial Group as Life Insurance Specialist and Insurance Financial Advisor from 2004.

On Instagram, Olivia goes by her handle (@yourtravelwitholivia) where she promotes her life, product, and services.

Growing up Shan had, in her words, “a terrible sex life.” Her parents told her that teen sex was a terrible thing that only resulted in pain, disease, and heartbreak.

Other family members include Olivia’s sister, Lauren Elizabeth who serves as a career performance coach for the Women of Color. She has thriving social media followers (12.1k on IG), which pointed at her growing popularity.

Her Education

After completing high school education, Shan Boodram enrolled at Coppin State University in 2004. She majored in English Language and Literature/Letters. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2007.

A year later, Shan enrolled at Centennial College and spent the next three years studying journalism. She graduated with an associate degree in 2011. In college, she won the Premier’s Award for the most successful recent graduate.

Moreover, in 2014, Shan joined the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She became a certified clinical sexologist, sexology, erotology, in 2015.

Shan Boodram Height

A Twitter user CynthiaOfficial, on Twitter, estimated her height to be around 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Shan Boodram is more likely to be at a height above 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters).

Her Instagram, TikTok

Shan Boodram is on several social media platforms. Her IG (@shanboody) earned 497k followers as of Aug 2021. She posted over 1752 posts in total. She has her own channel on YouTube titled Shan BOODY with 664k subscribers.

Moreover, on Twitter, Shan went by the handle (@shanboody). She gathered 45.1k followers with 2300 tweets where she also has a verified account. On Facebook (Shan Boodram), she has a page named Shan Boodram with 19k followers.

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Shan Boodram Net Worth

First off, Shan Boodram with her entrepreneurial skills gathered a total net worth of around $1 million. She fills her pocket from her brand partnership with Squarespace, Phexxi, K-Y brand, Audible, Google, Netflix, OkCupid, and more. She wrote two books, LAID and The Game of Desire.

As a writer, she also contributed to Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, Playboy & The Bold Type.

Shan also offered several courses and offers for her online clients. According to her website, two one-on-one coaching sessions were charged $489.00. She also offered a workbook which she called Your How-To-Love-You Manual.

Other press kit accessories include her show makeup or breakup and Sexology with Shan Boodnam.

But, her journey is what every fan is interested to know about. She admitted in an interview that her path wasn’t straight.

The Canadian sex expert debuted her career at the age of 19. She published her first book, Laid, at around 24, she had no clout at the time. She did book tours and got some minor press and was recognized for freshly talking about sex.

Shan worked in an office space and struggled to make minimum wage. The first advance that she received for her first book was around $12,000. The time she spent writing it and the investment she made trying to sell it, was a deficit so she stepped for a few years. (

Then Shan understood the power of the internet and how she could build her own brand. She admitted to trying to be the Martha Stewart of sex.

Shan has made several TV appearances and co-hosted several shows like MTV Networks SARL, Rogers TV, Showtime Networks Inc., MTV, and Black Entertainment Television. She served as a sex expert in The Insider for CBS Corporation.

As an actress, she appeared on Enjoy the Disco, Millions, The Cat Lady Chronicles, Vanessa, and The Dresden Files.

Shan Boodram Husband

Shan Boodram and her husband Jared Brady were looking for something but nothing in particular when they met each other. They met each other nearly 6 years ago and for them, sex came first, and then came love.

When they met, they enjoyed each other’s company with a night of Ted Talk and chill. This was the beginning of their beautiful relationship. Shan and her husband, Jared started as friends with benefits but the relationship developed eventually.

Shannon is older than her husband with an age difference of 6 years.


Shan Boodram and her husband, Jared Brady together in June 2021 (Pic: Shan’s IG)

They first met each other at Bobby London in Koreatown where her husband worked as a bartender. Their mutual friend had her over and their paths crossed for the first time.

Jared started reaching out to her on DMs but she played it off. A few months after, they met on his birthday and they agreed to meet up in person. They stayed in an open relationship but Jared was careful enough to know that a person plays one role in a relationship and a person can’t be everything for another person.

Living together and sharing space, they also divide the responsibility of chores. While Shan does all the cooking, Jared does the laundry.

The couple, who married in 2018, welcomed their firstborn in 2020.

About Jared, he is a professional rapper and producer. On Instagram, he goes by (@enjoyjaredbrady) where he gathered. His music can be streamed on SoundCloud. Some of his tracks are VVS, Warm, Didn’t I, Enjoy Ya Life, Twelve, and a few more. In 2018, he released an EP titled Enjoy Summer.

Jared is on YouTube as (JaredBradyVEVO) where he uploaded his music. He was able to gather 4.97k subscribers on the channel. Enjoy Ya Life is his most viewed video with 114k views as of this writing in August 2021.

How Old Is Jared Brady, Shan Boodram’s Husband?

Shan Boodram’s husband Jared Brady reached the age of 28 on 7 October of 2020.

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