The second season of “Too Hot To Handle” premiered in June 2021 on Netflix. Like its first installment, the reality show introduced many stars in its second offering. One of them was Christina Carmela.

In this Christina Carmela Wiki, discover the reality star’s age, parents, and job. Also, find out her ethnicity, height, and more.

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Christina Carmela Age

Christina Carmela reached the age of 30 in early 2020. Her birthday, on the other hand, falls on 26th January.

On her 30th birthday, Christina posted a photo of her in a “birthday suit”. In her accompanying caption, she wrote— “Would it even be my birthday if I wasn’t in my birthday suit? Biggest thank you to everyone who put In the effort to wish me in Some kind of way… Feeling so efffffing LOVED! Thank you!”

Christina Carmela Ethnicity

Breaking down Christina Carmela’s ethnicity: She’s Italian from her paternal side and Portuguese from her maternal side.

However, Christina was born in South Africa. In other words, she holds the South African nationality.

Interestingly, as of 2021, Christina called London, United Kingdom her home.

Christina Carmela Parents, Siblings

As mentioned earlier, Christina Carmela was born to her parents: an Italian father and a Portuguese mother.

What’s more, her full name is Christina Carmela Panebianco.

Little is known about Christina’s parents other than the fact that her father inspired her to pursue a career (more on that later).

As for her siblings, Christina has a brother named Marco Panebianco. On his 2020 birthday, she penned a heartfelt message for her baby brother. It read— Happy birthday to my littlest & best brother. Just going through all our memories makes me miss you sooo much!
I’m so proud to call you my brother and best friend. The kindest & craziest out of the three of us. I wish I was there with you to Celebrate & go mad but I’m so sure you’re doing it anyway. I love you so much, little brother.”

Marco, according to his IG, is an engineer. Also, he urges all of us to love people, not things. As of 2021, he was residing in Menton, France.

Her Height, Measurements

Christina Carmela should stand under 5’7” in height. Meanwhile, her measurements are 35-24-35 inches.

A natural brunette, Christina has a perfect nose. Her smile is equally beautiful.

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Her TikTok, Instagram

Christina Carmela is available on Instagram @christinacarmelaofficial. By 24th June 2021, she had amassed 65.7K followers.

As for her Twitter, Christina didn’t seem to have one. That said, reach out to her on Facebook @christina.panebianco.5.

Elsewhere on her TikTok @christinacarmelaofficial, Christina had 15.8K followers.

Christina Carmela Job, Net Worth

The “Too Hot To Handle” star is a commercial pilot by trade. Her net worth, meanwhile, surpassed $500K by 2021.

Reportedly, it was her father who inspired Christina to join the aviation industry. However, before she enrolled at a flight school, the South African beauty worked as a bartender, waitress, and even did modeling in Bollywood.

With enough savings, Christina attended a top-fight school in South Africa. As of 2021, she had been working in the aviation industry for about 18 years. Still, the passengers mistake her for the stewardess.

Opening about her journey, Christina once said— “Even before I stepped into the plane, male pilots told me that women couldn’t fly. Instructors have deliberately given me a hard time, and I was often singled out in class as the only woman in the room. I was told that women belong in the kitchen right before my simulator testing. It upset me at first, but I soon showed him what I was capable of.”

Admittedly, the comments don’t get to Christina anymore. What’s more, in Oct 2020, she opened up about setting up her private charter company called Beau Monde Aviation. However, when the COVID hit, her five-year plan took a hit. Despite everything, she has stayed positive.

Christina Carmela Boyfriend

Christina Carmela was one of the two newcomers who joined the cast of “Too Hot To Handle”. As seen on the show, she built a connection with Cam Holmes. Before she arrived in the villa, Cam seemed close to Emily Miller.

As of June 2021, Christina Carmela didn’t have a boyfriend. Her social media posts further hinted she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment.

Back in the day, Christina had posted racy pictures with a man named Nathan Swart on her Instagram. However, she always insisted that Nathan wasn’t her boyfriend.

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