Choriza May, a contestant in RuPaul’s Drag Race, is of Spanish heritage living in Newcastle. She is an interesting character working as a graphic designer. Learn more about her in this Choriza May Wiki where we cover details on her age, real name, family, job, and partner.

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Choriza May On RuPaul’s Drag Race

In Drag: Choriza preferred the pronoun she/her, out of drag he/him. Talking about her typical show, Choriza shared that it would be a journey. As a storyteller, she would use puppets, does live signing, a bit of dancing, projection, spoken word, lip-syncing and I mix all of those to tell my funny, silly stories.

Talking about drag and what inspired her in the first place, Choriza shared that there were so many artistic things that, as a young child, she didn’t dare to do, but then she realized she didn’t have to fit a standard. Choriza was going to do what she wanted to do – and drag would be her tool.

Talking about her strength, Choriza pointed her ability to make people laugh, and the creativity that would help her on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Choriza May Age

In 2021, Choriza May turned 30 years old. Her birthday falls every year on 20 February.

Her Family: Parents, Siblings

Choriza May was born to her parents in Valencia, Spain. Back in July 2019, posted a picture of her mother with her on stage performing with her. Besides that, she spared no information regarding her folks.

Choriza moved to Newcastle upon Tyne, England in 2014-2015, to pursue a career as a drag. Besides that, there existed no information on his father, his mother, and his possible siblings.

Choriza May Real Name

Choriza May’s real name is Adrian Martin. As for the stage name, Chorizo May, politics played a huge part in creating that name. The ‘May’ part was adopted from prime minister Theresa May and Choirza from Spanish sausage Chorizo.

Her Height

Choriza May stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters).

Her Instagram, Facebook

On Instagram, Choriza May goes by her handle name (@chorizamay). She gathered 8k followers in total as of Aug 2021. She posted 234 times on the platform. On Facebook, she goes by her real name where she had 1.4k friends.

Adrian Martin, who is the person behind Choriza, is also on Instagram under the handle name (@adrian_mar) and has 8,838 followers.

Likewise, Choriza is also on Twitter under the handle name (@chorizamay). Her Twitter account garnered 4,672 followers with 1,114 tweets. Whereas, her TikTok account earned 263 followers and 529 likes for her 8 TikTok videos.

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Choriza May Job, Net Worth

Choriza May has a total net worth of $200 thousand.

Adrian Martin who performed as Choriza May has a job as a graphic designer. His parents signed him up for singing, dancing, clarinet, and painting classes But, in the end, what really stuck with him was the drive for creating visual pieces, and Advertising and Graphic Design seemed like a good option to explore.

He spent his student years learning about Advertising & Graphic Design and luckily, he was able to study and work in Spain, the UK, and Brazil during that time.

He works at a Design Studio JUMP in Newcastle. In his free time, he creates personal illustration projects, drag & my ETSY shop. He worked for personal illustration projects, drag & my ETSY shop. He also worked for Velour Magazine, Wigs & Grace’s packaging, and HBO’s WE’RE HERE. His artworks are readily available to be explored on his personal Instagram account.

Adrian also worked on a children’s book named FABULOUS.

However, manages the time to work as an illustrator 9-5, and working as a freelance illustrator, added with a drag queen at night, he does it all by sleeping less.

But, Choriza May is a whole different species when it comes to performance. As a self-proclaimed, spiciest, meatiest, and silliest sausage in the North East drag scene, she hailed from Spain. In 2019, she won Newcastle Drag Idol 2019 and Liverpool’s Drag Pageant.

On TV, Choriza has performed on Celebabilty on ITV2, Inside Out on BBCE One, ITV News Tyne Tees, Notícias Antena 3 and a range shows in the Valencian TV chanel À Punt: Podriem Fer-ho millor, Podriem Estar millor, La Qüestió, Atrapa’m Si Pots, El Dia, TàP Zàping and A La Merda El 2020.

She has been hugely influenced by her home country Spain and divas like Sarita Montiel, Penelope Cruz, Rossy de Palma, and shows like Sesame Street or The Simpsons. Style-wise she described herself to be stereotypical.

Talking about her LLB flowers, Choriza shared that she loved Esme red velvet roses, the first flower she purchased and wore on her first time being on stage.

Besides her performance, Choriza also makes income by selling merch that ranged from $10 to $30. She sold stickers, T-shirts, and other Uni-sex Choriza May T-shirts. Besides solo performances, she has also hosted several shows and supported many drag artists.

Choriza advocates Pride as she believes that there was so much to celebrate and so much to cheer for. There’s so much needed to be achieved as there were still so many people in the LGBTQ+ community that were under-represented.

Choriza May Partner: Is She Married Or Still Dating?

The current relationship of Choriza May is obscure. There are no hints of her being in any type of romantic relationship. So, no she isn’t married and doesn’t seem to be dating anyone who is her partner.


Adrian Martin, whose persona is Choriza May, and his partner (Pic: Adrian’s Instagram)

But, Adrian Martin on the other hand was dating a guy named Ian who went by @cephalotaxus_harringtonia. They started dating each other in 2012. Later in on 8 November 2014, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary.

They dated for a while, and later on, stopped appearing together at all on social media. Hence the relationship status remains obscure. Hence, the relationship ended without any heads-up regarding why they split.

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