Chester Schmucker is the husband of Mary Schmucker from TLC’s Return to Amish. He stayed away from public attention for a long period of time, but he had a health issue that needed expensive surgery.

Scroll down this Chester Schmucker Wiki to learn more about him. Here, we cover his age, details on his family, job, health issues, and other details.

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Chester Schmucker Age

According to, Chester Schmucker celebrates his birthday on 6 November. He turned 58 years old while celebrating his birthday in November of 2020. Furthermore, he is a Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

Chester Schmucker Early Life

Chester Schmucker hailed from Glen Campbell, Pennsylvania, and still resides there. But, he maintained extreme privacy when it comes to the details of his parents and siblings.

The fact that he is devoted to living the life as an Old School-Amish-styled life, we believe his parents were also set in their old ways. Still, we don’t know whether his parents are alive or not. However, Chester Schmucker deviated from his old ways a few years ago, but once he heard from his community member that he would be shunned he got right back into the community to live his life the old ways.

As for his early life, Chester lived the life as any typical Amish people would do; without any access to technology, electronic equipment, and fancy clothes.

His Height, Surgery

Talking about the appearance, Chester Schmucker stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). He also weighed nearly 64 kilograms (141 lbs). Talking about his distinct features, he has a long beard that Amish people usually keep.

However, nothing was all and well for Chester Schmucker as he is coping with a health issue. He has a problem with his eyes and it was diagnosed as cataracts. In this condition, the vision clouds up as if you were looking through a fogged-up window. It affected vision which made it harder for someone to see clearly.

Chester wants to operate it as fast as they could but the operation is costly and may charge up to $3,000. So, they are dealing with money issues to get his operations done.

Chester Schmucker Net Worth

Chester Schmucker’s life inside the Amish community is a complete mystery. The jobs which he did while he was there is a complete mystery as of this writing. Since he wasn’t able to pay for the surgery, Chester doesn’t have much in saving from whatever he did as a job. But, he is working and even harder so that he could pay for the procedure.

On top of that, Chester also doesn’t have insurance so it made it tough for him to pay for the procedure necessary for cataracts. However, his wife has stepped up to save the day and did everything in her power to make sure that she had that kind of money.

As a woman with handicraft skills, she will be auctioning off her handmade blankets. She already prepared a few for the auction. Everything that she made will be directly going to the fund for her husband’s surgery.

Mary has priced the blanket $100 each. So, she is working hard to make the blankets to put up for auction. Mary also had her own Bed & Breakfast which she made by renovating an old house, which was dubbed hunted, and converted into an Amish bed and breakfast.

But, Mary was having her own surgery, Jeremiah Raber lent his hands to run the business. Mary used to make $1000 per episode but since she leaves behind her English life to go back to the community. She left the shows; so no payment from the show too.

TV Show Ace also confirmed she won’t be returning for new episodes.

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Chester Schmucker On Breaking Amish, Return To Amish

Chester Schmucker briefly appeared on Return To Amish. He was perceived by viewers as a soft-spoken individual and with very few words. (Zolpidem) He shared that he didn’t like the fact that his wife and his son left the community.

Even though his family fell apart, he never turned his back on the family. Once Chester heard that the community was shunning him, he decided to leave the English ways of living to join his community once again.

His Instagram, Facebook

To make it short, no, Chester Schmucker isn’t on social media. Since, he isn’t allowed to use technology as a member of the Amish community, no social media for him. But, his wife garnered is on Instagram (@maryschmucker70) and earned 9008 followers as of July 2021.

Moreover, her Twitter profile @schmucker_mary earned 3258 followers in total. Whereas, on her Facebook account, she was friends with 332 people, and her recent post-dated in February of 2021.

Chester Schmucker Wife, Kids

Chester Schmucker married his wife Mary Schmucker a while back but there are no details on their wedding and the years they spent together. But, the happy marriage hit a rough road once his wife decided to abandon the community and start living life in the English ways.

While Chester lived in the community with his daughter, Mary started living with her son and daughter-in-law.


Chester with his wife and kids (Pic: Information Daily News)

Coming to the details on her kids, Chester Schmucker has two step-kids; Abe Schmucker and David Schmucker, who allegedly was from her another relationship. She also has two daughters named Ella Schmucker and Katie Ann who devoted their lives to the Amish community.

When Chester’s wife heard the news of his daughter getting married, she gave up all of her possessions to attend the wedding. But, May had a hard time getting welcomed since she had to prove that she had given up her English way of life. Thankfully, Mary was successfully convinced to be present in the church.

Mary’s son Abe met Rebecca on the show and they are happily living their life outside of the Amish community. They left the show in the fourth season. Furthermore, Mary appears to have reconciled her relationship with her son David, ever since she reconciled her marriage.

One other theory behind Mary leaving the show was that she had found out her daughter Katie was pregnant and she wanted to be a part of her granddaughter’s life.

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