Former Bachelor star Robert (Bob) Guiney welcomed his second baby with his wife Jessica Canyon on July 1st, 2021.

Amidst the good wishes and congratulations pouring in, here’s all you have been prying about your favorite former Bachelor star’s wife over this Jessica Canyon bio.

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Jessica Canyon Age

Born on 19 January 1984, Jessica Canyon reached the age of 37 early in 2021. This makes her supposedly a disciplined, goal-oriented, and dependable Capricorn and 13-year younger than Bob who turned 50 in May 2021.

Jessica Canyon Family

Jessica hails from her hometown of Long Beach, California. And currently (2021), she lived in Seattle, Washington.

In September 2020,  Jessica’s mom Maryjane Canyon was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. So, she went to surgery and Jessica shared on Instagram: the reason her mom has been able to fight the disease is that she was diligent about getting mammograms.

Then, by April 2021, the matriarch seemed perfectly healthy judging from her sharing on Facebook, bio of which says, she works at Electro Mavin. Further, Maryjane lived in long beach, California with her husband Michael Canyon.

The Canyon folks had been married for more than 36 years by 2021.

Jessica also has a younger brother and on her Facebook’s ‘family members’ she listed JD DeMare as her brother-in-law.

Her Height

Jessica Canyon in her perfect, well-tamed physique and height of under 5′ 6” loves to go on a hike with her beloved husband; whenever she is not loaded with personal or professional chores.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Until July 6, 2021, Jessica Canyon had 2,596 followers on her Instagram @jescanyon.

Also, Jessica entertained a regular 638 friends on her Facebook.

Jessica Canyon Job

Jessica Canyon is described by as a dedicated, market-savvy, and respected real estate agent for the Eastside and surrounding areas.

Her bio on the site also explained how Jessica, with a passion for negotiation, decided at a young age that she wanted to be a lawyer. She became a pre-law at Cal Berkeley until she decided her love for Faulkner and Hemingway outran her passion for law. Thereafter, she got her degree in English with a minor in Communications. And the combination of her pre-law negotiation skills with her degree in English and Communications soon proved to do wonders to her career.

This way, she earned above an estimated $500K net worth besides a successful name in the industry.

From what calculated, realtors like Jessica, working in Seattle, Washington, earned $100,822 per year on average.

Together with her husband as a partner, she has bought and sold many of their own investment properties, among others.

Jessica Canyon And Bob Guiney: Wedding, Kids

Jessica Canyon and Bob Guiney were engaged on Sep. 2015 and got married sometime in Nov. 2016. They exchanged vows in front of friends and family over a destination wedding at Casa Entre Rocas in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Fast forward to July in 2021, they are still together and also share two lovely kids.

Before they welcomed their son Blake Barrett Guiney in 2021, they had already experienced parenthood raising together their first child, also a son, Grayson Robert Guiney. Grayson was born on 3 December 2018. Even baby Grayson Robert Guiney was on his Instagram @graysonguiney.


Jessica Canyon and Bob Guiney welcomed baby Blake Barrett Guiney weighing 9lbs, 1oz (PIC: Bob’s IG)

Following the birth of their second child Blake, the new dad shared on his Instagram, just how excited Grayson was to meet his younger brother. Bob, who was the first to share the baby news with the world, had a significant 115k followers on his Instagram @bobguiney.

Jessica met Bob, her “goofball” and shopping addict hubby, at a little dive bar on Ventura Blvd. She almost did not go out that night because she was tired from work. Every time she recalls this memory, she feels crazed “how the seemingly most insignificant decisions we make actually have the ability to change our lives forever.”

About her husband Bob: He became a household name among reality TV viewers for his appearances on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor on ABC and Date My House on TLC. He was also in the movie Marley and Me.

Also formerly a walk-on quarterback for the Michigan State University football team, Bob married twice before Jessica. Bob was married to All My Children actress Rebecca Budig from 2004 to 2010 and he divorced his first wife, Jennifer Lantz, only in 2009.

“Third time’s the charm!”, Bob had said before his wedding with Jessica. At the time, he also insisted on being on friendly terms with both his exes. All along, he claimed that he was simply “too young” during his first marriage.

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