Abe Schmucker is one of the original casts of TLC’s show Breaking Amish. After several revelations of the show being faked revealed that included the allegedly paid couple Abe and Rebecca Byler, they became the center of attention.

When season 6 of Return to Amish aired, Abe gained attention with the show though he didn’t return for the show. Scroll down to learn more about this Abe Schmucker wiki.

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Abe Schmucker Now, Return To Amish 

Abe Schmuker and Rebecca Byler were still married as of March 2021. The couple has two kids: Kayla and Malika. They appeared in the fourth season of Return to Amish.

But, as one of the central couple from the show, they stirred conversations with cheating allegations. But, as we can see, none of it seemed to be true and they were still going as strong as ever.

After quitting the show, Rebecca completed her General Educational Development test to pursue dentistry.

About Abe Schmucker Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Abe Schmucker turned 31 years old in 2020. Born in 1989, he celebrates his birthday every year on 10 November. Furthermore, Abe owned Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

Abe Schmucker Siblings, Mom, Dad

Abe Schmucker was born to his dad Chester Schmucker and his mom Mary Schmucker. He and his family hailed from his hometown of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. while his dad stayed back in the Amish community, his mom was the regular cast in the show.

However, after the show, his mom tried re-entering the Amish community after being hated by the community for years. When she left the community and lived in the English world, Mary left everything behind.

When Abe’s mom left the church she was indulged in the activity which was considered sins by the church. Mary also went driving which the community considered a sinful act.

Furthermore, Abe Schmucker has four siblings, his brother Andrew Schmucker and sister named Katie Schmucker and Esther Schmucker. Andrew married Chapel Peace in Pennsylvania on 10 May 2014. Andrew’s wife Chapel was diagnosed with bone cancer in late 2011 and her cancer returned. As for Katie, she was expecting a baby which was announced by her sister-in-law Rebecca.

Abe Schmucker Teeth, Height

Talking about the physical attributes of Abe, his average height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) makes him the second tallest in his family, the first being his wife Andrew. Whereas, he weighed only about 71 kilograms (156 lbs) as of the time of this writing.

Furthermore, in Return to Amish episode titled ‘Dental Dilemma’, Abe Schmucker wondered if his dental work is worth compromising his Amish beliefs. As fans of the show recalled, Abe’s wife Rebecca removed all of her teeth at the age of 19.

Whereas, Abe, in the show, had hard decisions to make. As he didn’t have a high-paying job to pay off the dental fee that could cost him $20,000.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, Abe Schmucker only seems to be on Twitter. The platform earned him 4022 followers as of March 2021. However, even on that platform, he doesn’t seem to be active since 2014. Besides that, it was impossible to locate him on Instagram and Facebook.

Abe Schmucker Net Worth, Job, Career

As Abe Schmucker belonged to the Amish community he had to live by the guidelines set by the community. They are not career-driven and their lives aren’t guided by technologies. They lived simple lives far away from the real world so it is not sure what type of jobs does each member performed.

While most people were happy that they were living in a traditional way and never questioned their way of living, the younger communities often strayed from their set path and wondered about life outside of their community.

Furthermore, no information on Abe’s job prior to arriving at the show has been covered anywhere. However, he dared to be featured on the TLC’s show which gained him wide exposure along with his other family members.

He appeared on three different seasons of the show, Breaking Amish (2012), Breaking Amish: Brave New World (2013), Return to Amish (2017). However, after the show, Abe Schmucker got the job of a truck driver. Plus, Shannon Edwards revealed Abe worked for a landscaping company. He had a fancy new pickup truck that he rode to work.

As for his net worth, Abe Schmucker shouldn’t worth more than $100 thousand.

Abe & Rebecca Byler: Wedding, Kids, Breaking Amish

Abe Schmucker and his wife Rebecca Byler met each other during the filming of the show. They were allowed to live on their property for a few months back in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant with children. As revealed by Shannon Edwards to The Enquirer,

“Rebecca and Abe are not two kids who fall in love as the show is being filmed.”

Abe and Rebecca were out of the Amish community for a very long time. In fact, they were dating even before the show. As Shannon revealed, the couple lived in a camper behind her home for several months in 2010 while Rebecca was pregnant with their baby girl.

Abe and Rebecca tied knots by the end of the show. Neither revealed details of their wedding. But, other details also surfaced that Rebecca married another man named Rufus Hostetler before she ran off with Abe. There existed a court record of Rufus Hostetler of Solen, North Dakota filing for divorce. The Indiana Gazette lists the couple as filling for a marriage license on 22 March 2010. Rufus was also ex-Amish and owned a roofing company in North Dakota.

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