Sam Bakhtiar earned prominence as an inspirational figure in bodybuilding and motivation to achieve one’s goal. He used his voice to inspire his followers on whatever they were pursuing.

Along with being a scholar, he also earned prominence as a bodybuilder. But his untimely demise saddened many people.

Scroll down to learn his life story that we’ve put together.

Sam Bakhtiar Cause Of Death

On 23 December 2020, doctor, entrepreneur, businessman, and bodybuilder Sam Bakhtiar took his last breath. However, the revelation on the cause of his death is yet to be made public.

Several notable people including the co-founder of his company reached out to his Instagram and Twitter to leave a few words of goodbyes.

Sam Bakhtiar Wiki — Date Of Birth, Family, Nationality

As reported in Crunchbase, Sam Bakhtiar was born on 1 May 1973. he turned 47 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2020.

Per his date of birth, Sam secured Taurus as his zodiac sign.

Sam Bakhtiar was born in Tehran, Iran to his anonymous parents. Born at the time when Iran was at war with Iraq and Saddam Hussein, life there was a living hell every day.

As he uttered, there were missiles and it looked like a Disneyland except it was a war. Since his mother couldn’t take it anymore, she proposed moving to another country as a war refugee.

Plus, his Persian mom and his alcoholic estranged dad separated when he was only three. So, his mom took the responsibility for raising him right.

The family moved to France when Sam was 11 years old. They stayed in France for a year and eventually moved to the states in 1985.

The family struggled in France living in government housing but since the family sought more opportunities they left for the states. As his maternal uncle lived in the United States, they came and settled in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

As for nationality, Sam is an Iranian citizen.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about physical features, Sam Bakhtiar stood tall at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). He weighed about 87 kilograms (191 lbs) because of his muscular body.

Plus, his receding hairline, a huge forehead, and his facial hair were a few of his distinct features.

His Social Media Reach

Talking about social media reach, his Instagram account earned him a total of 722k followers in total. He is also on Twitter with 147 followers as of this writing.

Moreover, Sam’s Facebook account earned him 1837 followers at the time of penning this piece. He also created a YouTube channel with 7.66k subscribers.

Sam Bakhtiar Net Worth, House, Businesses

Sam Bakhtiar’s passion for fitness was what attracted fame to his name. But unlike many people who take on fitness as an adult, he started lifting as a kid.

As per the story which Sam told, he wanted to play soccer but the school he attended had no team, the other kids boycott him during basketball games.

So, he discovered lifting and fell in love with it early on. He even used up all of the lunch money which he had to buy vitamin from GNC. By the age of 14, he earned prominence as a bodybuilder.

Sam also started a gym investing $40,000, half of which was loaned by his mother. But the 2008 recession hit his business hard.

Coming from a family where successful means either doctor, lawyer, or engineer, he joined Pennsylvania State University to study pre-med and nutrition degree where he earned his bachelor’s from.

Moreover, he went on to join the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and became a doctor.

At that time, Sam also worked as a personal trainer. Later, he went on to join bodybuilding shows and even worn a few of the events. Following graduation, he moved to LA.

The Iranian entrepreneur was the president of Fitness Concepts which he started in 2000. Following that, he went on to co-found The Camp Transformation Center in July of 2008.

The Camo Transformation Center is a multi-million dollar franchise with 110 branches all over the states. He also created a supplement company named One Percent Nutrition.

Sam secured the title of Mr. Pittsburgh, Mr. California, Emerald Cup, and Mr. Orange County. He accumulated a total of 18 years as a trainer.

Besides the fitness business, Sam also created a One-Percenter Podcast. He is also a noted author in LA Style Magazine.

All together, Sam Bakhtiar sat on a total net worth of $25 million that included his $3 million worth of a house.

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Sam Bakhtiar Wife, Ex, Kids

Sam Bakhtiar was previously married to an anonymous lady. He and his ex-wife were expecting their 1st baby immediately after the recession in 2009.

Sam met his first wife toward the end of his bodybuilding career. He wished to become a family man. But the couple’s marriage ended without any other details on his divorce and the whereabouts of his wife.

Sam later met his second wife Crystal. He tied knots and went on having three kids with her.

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