While journalists and reporters are busy covering the presidential election including Steve Kornacki, BuzzFeed’s deputy-director of breaking news, David Mack, took over Twitter by storm with a tweet including the two.

And with the two earning a spotlight, people wanted to unfold information on David Mack and his biography. So for that, we’ve put together a wiki-article based on his life. So, scroll down to learn more about him.

David Mack Age, Birthday, Zodiac

David Mack has pretty private regarding his personal details and the list also included his birthday. However, his social media account suggested that he celebrates his birthday every year on 21st April.

Even though his age is yet to be confirmed, he is a Taurus by zodiac sign.

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David Mack Bio — Nationality, Family, Early Life

David Mack was born to his father Philip Charles Tomlinson Mack, and his mother Julie Mack. While Julie is a graduate of Macquarie University, Philip Mack is the founder and chairman of The Mainmark Group. He started the company in 1983. He worked as a salesman, supervisor, and accountant during his long career.

After David’s parents divorced, his father married Tanakorn Meaw who hailed from Thailand. More on his family: David grew up alongside his two siblings (both brothers): Robert Mack and Ian Mack.

During David’s early life, he watched his father’s dedication towards building a successful company. And he never hesitated to speak about what he accomplished during his life.

Sadly, Philip passed away in April of 2019. And David often shared that losing his father left a gap in his and his siblings’ lives. As for nationality, David hailed from New South Wales, Australia making him an Australian citizen.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As hotness does seem to run in their family, all of the Mack siblings are handsome men born to their attractive parents. He weighed about 76 kilograms (167 lbs), he did physical activities to keep his bodyweight well-maintained.

Moreover, David Mack stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). His curly brown hair and his well-maintained facial hair are some of his distinct features.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Talking about social media reach, among all the social media platforms, David is most popular on Twitter. The platform earned him 88.4k followers at the time of this writing.

Likewise, his Instagram account earned him 3188 followers at the same time around. Likewise, his Facebook profile earned 7510 followers at the same time around.

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David Mack Job, Net Worth, Education

Starting with education, David Mack attended Sydney Church of England Grammar School in 2000 and graduated in 2005. He was celebrated with several awards including JS Wilson Memorial English Prize (2005), TM Jeffrey Prize for Drama (2005), and a few notable others.

In 2007, David joined the University of Sydney to study law. He graduated with an LLB degree in 2012 with first-class honors. During that time, he also earned a bachelor of arts degree in media and communication.

David also made it into the dean’s honor’s list as an exchange student for a bachelor of law students.

Talking about Davi Mack’s jobs in the span of his decade long career, he worked as an editor for Honi Soit. Following that, he joined Australian Broadcasting Corporation to work as a journalist and producer.

At the same time, David also worked as a newsreader for Triple J.

David worked as a producer for the North America Bureau until he quit his job at Australian Broadcasting Corporation in August of 2014.

In October 2014, David started his job at BuzzFeed as a news editor and reporter. He ranked up to become deputy director in the same.

Moreover, David Mack earned about $80 thousand per year as a deputy director. And all of his earning contributed to his net worth of $1.5 million.

Is David Mack Steve Kornacki’s Husband?

To cut things short, no, David Mack is not the husband of Steve Kornacki. Surely David tweeted about Steve Kornacki being his husband, but it was all a joke.

However, he had all of the Twitter world fooled with the tweet. Most people believed that David went public with his relationship with Steve Kornacki. Nevertheless, it was all just for fun.

At the time of this writing, his tweet earned 9.1k likes and 728 retweets.

In fact, David Mack is dating the one, Michael Bauer. The couple appeared getting cozy several times on his Instagram. Plus, they even spent quarantine together.

As social media posts suggested, David seemed pretty serious about his relationship with Michael. Thus, we might get to hear the big news of David Mack and Michael Bauer engaged pretty soon.

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