Brian Buckner became a household name once he joined the cast of “Barnwood Builders”. Several seasons on, Brian disappeared from the face of the world.

Here, find out if Brian is dead or alive by reading his wiki. Furthermore, discover his wife, height, and net worth.

Brian Buckner Now — Dead Or Alive?

“Barnwood Builders” chronicled the work-life of the “Barnwood Living” crew who restored centuries-old cabins and barns. Moreover, the show aimed to challenge existing misconceptions about “hillbillies.”

When “Barnwood Builders” hit the TV screen, Brian Buckner became an immediate fan favorite.

Armed with a loveable personality, Brian provided the viewership with much-needed comic relief.

Despite the endless jokes and likeability, Brian drew criticism for his inability to perform construction work with finesse.

There exist conflicting report as to when Brian left the show. While Republic World claimed he left “Barnwood Builders” during the filming of season 3, his IMDB profile stated he exited the reality show after season 2 finale.

Nonetheless, rumors about Brian’s death gained legs once an obituary of a man with his namesake surfaced.

Well, as of 2020, Brian was still alive. Per the “Barnwood Builders” twitter handle, he had relocated away from the “set” of the show.

The tweet read:

“Brian is no longer in the area Rick, so he’s too far away to work with us! We miss him a bundle. Hopefully one day he’ll join us again.”

Needless to say, everyone missed Brian dearly. One fan even tweeted:

“I watch the show all the time and I was just wondering where Brian is. I’ve kind of missed seeing him on the show.”

Another Twitter added:

“Currently watching an episode from season one. I miss Brian.”

As of now (2020), Brian seemed content with living a life outside of the limelight.

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Brian Buckner Wiki — Age, Family, Height

From the beginning, everyone was aware Brian Buckner was larger than life persona. As such, extracting details about his family, birthday, and education was a daunting task.

That said, those who knew Brian could he was born and bred in the American South.

A man of massive built, Brian weighed more than 89 kilograms. What’s more, he stood under 5 feet 10 inches.

More so than his stature, Brian earned recognition because of his long unkempt beard.

Net Worth, Job, Social Media Reach

Thanks to the “Barnwood Builders” stint, Brian Buckner earned considerable fame. However, nobody could pinpoint how reality TV fame translated into material wealth.

A rough estimate placed Biran’s net worth under $300 thousand.

Without a proper record of his job history, media outlets found it impossible to pinpoint his real wealth.

Also, Brian stayed away from the joy and drama that came with a sound social media presence. He didn’t assert his presence in neither Instagram nor Twitter.

Brian Buckner Wife, Girlfriend, Kids

Nothing on the internet or his time at “Barnwood Builders” suggested Brian was a married man. Also, there didn’t exist evidence of his wife and kids.

If Brian was indeed dating, he went an extra length to hide his girlfriends.

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  1. […] See Also: Brian Buckner Wiki, Dead Or Alive, Wife, Net Worth, Height […]

  2. […] See Also: Brian Buckner Wiki, Dead Or Alive, Wife, Net Worth, Height […]

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