Valeria Harris grew into the public sphere as the wife of “Million Dollar Listing LA” star James Harris.

Delve into Valeria Harris wiki and become familiar with her age, height, and net worth. Also, continue reading to know about her job, social media presence, and family background.

Valeria Harris Wiki — Age, Height, Family

Reportedly, Valarie Harris turned 33 years of age in late-2019. What’s more, she woke up to sweet birthday messages on 18th December every year.

Valerie was born in the year 1986. Moreover, being a December baby, she garnered Sagittarius for Zodiac sign.

From what we could gather, Valarie had her family roots in Bolivia. However, she rarely delved into the subject of her siblings and parents.

Back in 2015, Valarie penned a heartwarming Mother’s Day message in Spanish on IG. It read:

“Happy Mother’s Day! To the best mom in the world !! I thank God every day for giving me a mom like you! You are an example of a mother and an example of a woman and I hope to be as good a mother as you! I love you so much and I miss you every day. 😘”

Furthermore, Valarie was as beautiful as they make. Equipped with phenomenal genes, she stood well beyond 5 feet 7 inches height.

Sporting gorgeous and luscious hair, Valarie maintained a slim body through regular workout. Even during the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she couldn’t help but exercise.

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Valarie Harris Job, Net Worth, Million Dollar Listing LA

Coming to her education, Valarie Harris took a business program in college. To support her financially, she held the job of a waitress.

Valarie seemingly left the working days behind her after she married James Harris. Looking after James and their kids became a full-time job for her.

At some point, Valarie may have dabbled in modeling. Nonetheless, she tasted the spotlight for the first time when her husband joined the cast of “Million Dollar Listing LA.”

By her admission, Valarie liked being part of the reality TV world. She once shared:

“Filming MDL: LA has been an enjoyable journey. I’m used to James working so much and the madness of the real estate industry … adding the cameras is just another fun element!”

While James reportedly flaunted $6 million net worth, Valarie preferred not to shed light on her finances.

Of every existing social media platforms, Valarie operated the most on Instagram. By July 2020, she had accumulated around 6 thousand followers there.

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Valarie & James Harris: Dating, Married, Kids

When Valarie first crossed paths with her James, she was working as a waitress at a restaurant that he frequented.

Initially, Valarie was put off by James’ advances. Admittedly, she declined his offer to take her out on a date.

Undeterred by the initial rejection, James even asked his co-workers to put on good words on his behalf. Eventually, Valarie caved in and agreed on a date.

For their first date, Valarie and James visited the Malibu-based Moonshadows. After they officially began dating in 2008, the two became inseparable.

As a married couple, Valarie and James ran into several obstacles.

When Valarie was 8 months pregnant with their first daughter, James finally quit with partying ways. Up until that point, he struggled with alcoholism and had serious attitude problem. Admittedly, James was only able to turn his life around because of Valarie.

As of 2020, Valarie and James seemed every bit a happy couple with two beautiful kids (both daughters): Sofia and Chloe. By then, they had been in a relationship for around 12 years.

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