In June 2020, Netflix came up with a stand-up special by George Lopez titled “We’ll Do It For Half”. If it weren’t for George’s ex-wife Ann Serrano, fans would never get to experience the latest offering.

In the article, discover Ann Serrano wiki and read about her net worth. Furthermore, find out if she had begun dating now or not!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In late 1960, Ann Serrano was born with the middle name Marie. Likewise, she grew up celebrating her birthday on 18th December.

Ann turned 59 years old in December 2019. Also, she was born a Sagittarius and therefore possessed traits like charisma.

Ann Serrano Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity

Talking ethnicity, Ann Serrano was part Cuban from her mother’s side.

Ann was born to parents: Dr. Julio Robert Serrano (father) and Dr. Norda Rozan Serrano (mother). What’s more, she and her family — which included jer sister Norda Winkler & Robert — resided in Ohio and Florida.

An occupational medical specialist and family physician, Julio died in 1987 in a traffic accident. Before his death, he served as the official physician of the City of Fort Lauderdale’s workers.

Likewise, Julio worked as a consulting physician for the aerospace program at Cape Canaveral and more.

In 2010, Norda passed away. A native of Cuba, she migrated to America following her graduation from the University of Havana School of Medicine.

Working as an anesthesiologist, Norda made her named in Connecticut, Ohio, and then Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Away from her parents and onto her siblings, Ann’s sister joined a US-based mental institution around 2005. 15 years earlier, Norda Winkler was deemed a suspect in the murder of her Chinese husband.

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Ann Serrano Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Per reports online, Ann Serrano had 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) height. Meanwhile, her weight was over 64 kilograms. Also, people counted Ann’s wide smile as her standout feature.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Twitter, FB

For reasons not revealed to the public, Ann Serrano wasn’t on Instagram and Facebook. The same seemed to be true for her Twitter presence.

Ann Serrano Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Working in Hollywood under several job titles, Ann became a heavyweight.

As a producer, Ann garnered credits on “Carlos Almaraz: Playing with Fire,” “Autumn,” “Kiki Melendez’ Hot Tamales,” “Live George Lopez: Tall, Dark & Chicano,” “Mr. Troop Mom,” “George Lopez: America’s Mexican,” and “The Wonderful World of Disney.”

Furthermore, Ann boasted acting credits on movies and TV shows like “Life With Bonnie,” “Arrested Development,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Featuring as a guest, Ann appeared on the talk shows like “Chit Chat” and “Lopez Tonight.”

While her ex owned $45 million in net wealth, Ann Serrano accumulated under $5 million in net worth. As part of their divorce agreement, she recieved half of George Lopez’s AFTRA retirement fund.

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Ann Serrano & George Lopez: Kidney, Divorce, Daughter

As noted by many publications, Ann Serrano discovered George Lopez. In May of 1989, she first watched George do a standup bit at a comedy club. At the time, Ann was frustrated there existed little Hispanic representation in the media.

In September 1993, Ann married George. The married then welcomed a daughter named Mayan Lopez in April 1996.

Despite a happy home, George overworked and even struggled with alcoholism. His drinking became so worse that Ann threw him off from their house.

Eventually, George turned his life around and reconciled with Ann.

Even bigger hurdle appeared before the Serrano-Lopez household once the doctors diagnosed George with a genetic condition that saw his kidneys deteriorate fast.

Because there was a 5-year waiting list, someone had to step in as the donor or else Geroge would’ve died. Ann then became his savior.

In April 2005, George’s kidney transplant surgery underwent smoothly. In the years that followed, George continued to tell everyone he was alive because of Ann.

Ann dropped a bombshell in 2010. November that year, she filed for divorce from George. At the time, Ann cited irreconcilable differences for the reason behind the split. She also sought physical custody of their daughter.

Speaking on their divorce, a source shared;

“George and Ann Lopez have made the decision to end their 17-year marriage. The decision is amicable and by mutual agreement. They remain dedicated parents, and committed partners in business and their philanthropic organization, The Lopez Foundation.”

Although their divorce got finalized in 2011, Ann and George didn’t agree on the division of their assets until 2012.

Is She Dating Now?

After George, Ann Serrano maintained a low-key dating life. Thus, her boyfriends remained mystery figures.

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