Barbara Bouchey is known to many people as the ex-girlfriend of Kieth Raniere, the founder of NXIVM. While NXIVM describes itself as a multi-level marketing company that offered development seminars for the people who want to grow personally or professionally, NXIVM‘s true purpose is different and far more dangerous.

NXIVM was a cult alleged to have formed a secret society, termed as The Vow, where women were forced into sexual slavery. After NXIVM‘s founder Keith Raniere and his associate Allison Mack were arrested in 2018, the company collapsed putting a halt to its operation.

The HBO show, The Vow, is based on the stories of former members of the cult, which of course include Barbara. This article will dig some stories about Barbara Bouchey, including her wikis, net worth, and relationship with Keith.

Barbara Bouchey Wiki

Barbara Bouchey was born in 1959, which made her age, as of September 2020, to be 60. Ever since her birth, she’s been celebrating her birthday on the 16th of October. Barbara’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Barbara’s hometown is in South Troy, New York. In all fairness, Barbara did not have the same upbringing her childhood friends had. Barbara’s mother, Joyce Carey, died while she was only 8 years old.

All she was left with was her three siblings, all of whom were brothers, and a drunkard dad, Bernard Bouchey. This created a challenging environment as Barbara began to take care of her brothers at the age of 8.

By 10, Barbara’s life became more troublesome as her dad married again, and divorced three months later. Since two brothers of Barbara were mentally impaired, her dad put them in “a special institution, ” and forbade Barbara to see them.

Since Barbara was not able on her own at the time and she could not leave her siblings, she chose to stay with them, but in a condition that she would never mention her brothers in front of her dad. Barbara kept the promise until she was 24 when Bernard died of cancer.

Coming to Barbara’s physical characteristics, she stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

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What Is Barbara Bouchey Net Worth?

For education, Barbara went to Catholic Central High School. She completed her high school education from Troy School.

For further education, Barbara joined Hudson Valley Community College and studied business and finance there. Later, Barbara joined The College for Financial Planning and became a certified financial planner.

Upon completing her high school, Barbara worked in the NYS Retirement System as a secretary while doing waitressing at two restaurants in the evening.


Barbara in conversation on Megyn Kelly Today show.

After she became a certified financial planner, she set up her own firm by the name of BARBARA J. BOUCHEY ASSET MGMT., INC. By the age of 40, Barbara Bouchey had made a net worth of $90 million.

But, when Barbara became the financial planner for NXIVM, she had to suffer a loss of $1.6 million after Kevin did trading under her name.

Is She On Twitter, Facebook, And Instagram?

Barbara is available on almost every big social media platform. As of September 2020, you can connect with her through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Where Is Barbara Bouchey Now After “The Vow?”

No one would believe an intelligent woman and self-made millionaire like Barbara herself can also fall in the trap — in the form of NXIVM — laid by her ex-boyfriend, Keith Raniere.

Barbara was first introduced to Keith Raniere and his vision of the world through Nancy Salzman, with whom Barbara had therapy sessions. She joined NXIVM in 2000 on the pretext that the company’s self-help workshop and curriculum would make her life easier.

Within six months, Barbara was a part of NXIVM rather than just a client–she worked as a financial planner. Keith also began to pursue Barbara physically and Barbara reciprocated the feelings.

Slowly, Barbara began to realize the ugly truth of the company. Barbara, who believed she was in a committed relationship with Keith, found out that in fact Keith was also involved with other women. Keith believed intimacy with several women gave him the knowledge to control and manipulate females as a whole.

Along with eight other women, Barbara became one of the first people to leave the group in 2009. But, even after leaving the cult, Barbara went on to face harassment through legal cases by Keith and his supporters. Several times, Barbara had to incur massive lawyers’ fees, which slowly turned her state to bankruptcy.

For a long time, Barbara was compelled to remain silent. However, after Keith’s arrest in 2018, Barbara finally began to speak out and reveal the dirty secrets of “The Vow.”

After the guilty verdict was read, Barbara said— “I have a feeling of freedom and safety . . . To me, it’s a new day, to live unencumbered by the threat of what he might do next.”

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Who Is Barbara Bouchey Husband?

Barbara Bouchey married her husband at a young age of 19. Her husband’s identity has been a mystery for over 40 years as there are no records of Barbara revealing about him in any interviews or in her social media handles.

After they married, the couple moved to Germany. Very soon, Barbara’s husband began abusing her. Barbara chose not to stand the abuse, therefore, she returned to the US and divorced him.

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