Meet Atoya Burleson, famous as Nate Burleson’s wife.

When Nate earned a co-hosting gig at “CBS This Morning,” Atoya once again made headlines because of her unwavering support.

Continue reading this Atoya Burleson Wikipedia and discover details about Nate Burleson’s wife such as her age, and net worth. Also, find out her height, maiden name, and more.

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Atoya Burleson Age

In 2021, Atoya Burleson reached the age of 43. For context, she is 3 years older than Nate Burleson.

Upon reaching 43, Atoya jotted down 43 birthday lessons on her blog. She even shared a few on her Instagram.

What’s more, her 31st May birthday makes Atoya a Gemini.

Atoya Burleson Maiden Name

According to our sources, Atoya Burleson’s maiden name is Shaw.

Her Family: Parents, Siblings

Joe Dean Shaw and Karla Shaw are Atoya Burleson’s parents.

On Joe’s birthday in 2018, Atoya took to Facebook and dedicate a message for her father. It read: “Happy birthday dad!! I love you and I’m grateful for your call or text every day!! I have to repost this because it really is the best! Have a wonderful dad!

Joe, according to his Facebook, is a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As of 2021, he was residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Moreover, he attended Langston University and Northeast High School.

As for her siblings, Atoya has a sister named Danielle Shaw.

Atoya Burleson Height

Atoya Burleson, as per sources online, measures no taller than 5’8” in height. Meanwhile, her husband, Nate stands 6 feet tall.

If you haven’t noticed already, Atoya is ridiculously fashion-savvy. A trendsetter, she doesn’t shy away from showing off her beautiful braids.

Her Instagram, Facebook

On Instagram, Atoya described herself as a Public Figure. As of Sept 2021, her profile @atoyaburleson on the platform had earned 12.5K followers. Meanwhile, she followed over 1.5K people.

Reach out to Atoya on her Facebook @atoya.burleson. She’s also available on Twitter @atoyaburleson.

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Atoya Burleson Net Worth

By 2021, Atoya Burleson’s net worth had surpassed $2 million. Nate Burleson, on the other hand, boasted more than a $50 million fortune.

Atoya dons numerous job titles including a podcaster, lifestyle blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur.

With fellow NFL wife Tia Avril, Atoya co-hosts a podcast called “inSIDELINES”. She also serves as the CEO of “inSIDELINES”. Atoya’s intro on the company’s website read:

“Through the years, Atoya has thoroughly enjoyed establishing relationships with many women from all walks of life. “Sports, psychology, and education have been my life so merging them all together and sharing them with others while allowing other women to do the same has been an honor.” Atoya’s dream of giving women a voice in the sports world through connecting, empowering, and creating a safe place for other women to comfortably unveil themselves has finally come to pass.”

As a blogger, Atoya focuses on fashion, lifestyle, family, and wellness.

Moreover, Atoya is also an Amazon influencer. “Announcing her latest endeavor, she took to Facebook and shared: Guess who is an Amazon Influencer y’all?! I look forward to sharing my favorite finds with you on @amazon and @amazonfashion. And I have listed some of my faves already, so please go check it out! I can’t wait to give you my thoughts and reviews and make every box you open feel like Christmas! Thank you @amazoninfluencerprogram for this opportunity! Now, let’s go have some fun!”

Her Education

Atoya Burleson attended her high school in Nevada.

A talented track and field athlete from early on, Atoya attended the University of Nevada on scholarship. There, she became a collegiate hurdle champion as well as winning a championship with her track team.

The Nevada Wolf Pack, the official University of Nevada’s athletics team, even featured Atoya on its website in 2019. The piece highlighted Atoya’s track and field career with the university.

Atoya Burleson And Nate Burleson: Wedding, Kids

Atoya and Nate Burleson met in 1999 in college at the University of Nevada.

27th March marks Atoya and Nate’s wedding anniversary.

Together, Atoya and Nate are 3 kids. Their first child, Nathaniel II was born in May 2004. The couple’s middle child, Nehemiah arrived in April 2006. Meanwhile, Nate Burleson and his wife, Atoya reportedly welcomed their third child, Mia Pearl in 2011.

Atoya celebrates Nate’s successes like her own. On his last day as an NFL athlete, she took to Facebook and shared a message that read:

“So proud of my hubby!! He played his last game of the season where it all started for him his rookie year…The Metrodome in Minnesota. They will be tearing down the Metrodome, so it was great to go back to Minneapolis and support him and take a trip down memory lane!! I love him and am so blessed to share these memories with him. Love you, Nathan Burleson!!”

When Nate began his “CBS This Morning” gig, Atoya took to Instagram to write:

“This is your first official day on @cbsmornings and I couldn’t be more proud of you @nateburleson! From an 11 year outstanding @NFL career to these last 5 years of your media takeover, you never cease to amaze me. So excited and grateful to be on this journey with you. Go get ’em, babe! Love always, Wifey “

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