Channel 4‘s The Bridge 2020 premiered on Sunday, October 11, 2020, and like its previous seasons, this time too twelve strangers have come together to build an 850 feet long bridge by hand within 20 days, and a hefty £100,000 lies in the end.

In case the show already does not sound crazy enough to you, only one of the 12 contestants will receive the whole money and it’s upon them whether they want to keep it to themselves or split the money with other contestants.

One of this year’s contestants is Billie Dee Gianfrancesco, most popular as a daughter of celebrated English television host Trisha Goddard. Billie is a public relations consultant and a publicist.

This article will explore the life of Billie. From her general wikis to net worth and dating life–this article covers everything about Billie.

Billie Dee Gianfrancesco Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Award-winning PR consultant Billie Dee Gianfrancesco is reportedly 30 years old as of October 2020, which means she probably was born in the year 1990. It is still not known when she celebrates her birthday. Furthermore, there is no information available about her zodiac sign on the Internet.

Billie Dee Gianfrancesco Wiki — Mom, Dad, Siblings

Though Billie had an awesome childhood, her life started to derail as she grew older. Her mom, Trisha Goddard, and her biological dad divorced which means she did not get the love of her father in her formative years.

Billie’s ethnicity is mixed. She is white from her father’s side, who is Australian, and black from her mother’s side, who belongs to the Caribbean. She also has a younger sister named Maddison as her only sibling. In the family, Billie reportedly has a step-dad, Mark Grieve.

Billie went through a 15 years-long battle with her drug addiction. Though she is clean and sober now, as Billie revealed it, those 15 horrible years were the darkest period of her life.

Her addiction problem stemmed from her first drinking while she was on a vacation in the Caribbean. She was only 12 at the time.

As Billie started to go off the rails, she had multiple sex partners. She spent bulks of money on booze, cocaine, and cannabis, racking up £25,000 in loan debt. Billie continued doing it until 2018 when she finally sought help and went to a rehab center.

Billie’s mom, Trisha, is proud of her. Since Trisha herself struggled with addiction, in conversation with Daily Mail, she confessed how much she is proud of her Billie who courageously fought her battle with addiction.

Trisha helped Billie massively in financial ways. However, Billie wished to have Trisha around during dark times. Billie told,

“I was very lonely. We lived in the middle of the countryside, I felt quite isolated and I think that boredom contributed to the drug and alcohol use. (Ambien) ”

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Coming to Billie Dee Gianfrancesco’s physical attributes, she stands at an average height of 5 Feet 6 inches and weighs 57 kilograms.

Furthermore, she flaunts spectacular body measurements of 34-25-35 inches. Any further distinct features about Billie is not available on the Internet yet.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Billie has a decent social media reach as of October 2020. However, it’s set to increase as the further episode of The Bridge goes on air.

She is only available on Instagram at the moment. Her Instagram handle boasts a following of almost 2.5 thousand as of this writing.

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Billie Dee Gianfrancesco Job, Net Worth, Education

Billie moved to Norfolk, UK, from Australia at an age of 8 following her mom’s split from her father. She attended the Langley School located in Norfolk as a child. For higher education, she attended Royal Holloway, University of London, and acquired a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

Her first job was in PHA Media as a Senior Account Executive. Then she moved to the Ministry of Sound where she worked from October 2015 to March 2016 as PR Manager.

From 2016 to 2019, Billie worked on multiple organizations such as YOPA, UN Women National Committee UK, Matriarch Media, Vardags mostly as a PR consultant.

Since November 2019, Billie has been working as a Senior Public Relations Consultant at Thinking Hat PR.

Aside from her PR career, some part of Billie’s staggering net worth of £150,000 also comes from the show The Bridge.

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Billie Dee Gianfrancesco Husband, Boyfriend, Married

Billie Dee Gianfrancesco has always been secretive when it comes to her dating life. However, a person called Jamie, who Billie claims as her best friend, has appeared on Billie’s Instagram handle more than a couple of times.

The duo has known each other since 2009. On November 29, 2019, Billie uploaded a picture with Jamie and captioned it: ‘Everyone needs a Jamie in their lives.’


Billie uploaded a picture with Jaime.

If Instagram is anything to go by, Billie is certainly unmarried now. However, that can change overnight if Billie finds a perfect husband material in any guy.

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