Queen City Dom went viral on TikTok after sharing her story about her health condition which she claimed was the consequence of getting a Pfizer vaccine. People watched it online but seemed divided in their opinion about the validity of her experience and its association with the vaccine.

Scroll down this Queen City Dom Wiki where we cover her age, real name, details of her husband, and other aspects of her life.

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Is Queen City Dom [TikTok] Vaccine Story Fake?

As Queen City Dom shared on her blog, a couple of days before she left Las Vegas, she made a swift decision that quickly turned my life upside down. On March 18th, 2021 She decided to get the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in hopes that she wouldn’t catch or spread the virus to her mother or any of her other loved ones. Little did she know this day would completely change her life.

Three days after her first dose, Dom noticed during brunch with her family that she felt very off but luckily it resolved and she squashed it up to being jet lag from moving from Vegas. Two weeks after her first feeling, she noticed that she had killer pains on her legs that were similar to growing pains but again they resolved the following day.

Unfortunately, a few days passed and the leg pain came back with a vengeance alongside weakness within my legs to the point where she was having serious issues walking, almost like her brain couldn’t figure out how to use her legs anymore.

Since then a slew of other neurological issues has become present ranging from visual issues to trouble forming sentences to short-term memory loss. As alarming as all this has been, she has been in and out of doctors’ offices, had multiple tests run, and have even taken two trips to the ER with no definite answers. This has only been the beginning of my living hell.

However, Logically, a fact-checking site shared that the symptoms which she wrote about occurred two weeks after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, and are therefore unrelated. The site also stated that there was no mechanism by which a COVID vaccine could cause seizures.

Logically also unfolded that chance of side effects was 1 in 500,000 people and vaccines don’t have any links to seizures, tremors, or other neurological symptoms. The site argued that Queen City Dom’s vaccine story was fake and had no relationship with Pfizer.

On her Instagram, Dom had talked about getting diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. She had shared that before the diagnosis, she went through migraines, chronic fatigue, weight gain, depression, and being sensitive to cooler temperatures.

So, many argued that it could be Dom’s condition that was affecting her and not the vaccine.

Queen City Dom Age

On 13 November 2020, Queen City Dom turned 30 years old.

Queen City Dom Real Name

Queen City Dom’s real name is Dominique De Silva. She was born to her parents in North Carolina, United States. Her father abandoned her family when she was only 10 years old. This made her mother suffer financially. For that, she always resented her father for putting her mother and her through difficult times.

But years later, Dom found a way to connect with him. She flew him from Costa Rica to Vegas for two weeks. The only reason for that was to show her father how far along have she came in her life. The two weeks she spent did a lot for her relationship with her father.

Six months later, Dom received a phone call from an uncle she had never met to let her know that her father had a heart attack and couldn’t make it.

After spending the first 21 years of her life in the state, she moved to Las Vegas to pursue her dreams and career and she hasn’t looked back.

Possibly, Dom was the only child of her biological parents.

Her Height

Queen City Dom reportedly stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters).

Her Instagram, Facebook

On Facebook, Dominique private her Facebook account, at the time of this writing. Any posts she had posted previously cannot be accessed as of this writing in 2021. On Instagram, she went by the name (@queencitydom). She gathered 87.8k followers and 68 posts in total.

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Queen City Dom Job, Net Worth

As a real estate worker, Queen City Dom started her career in October of 2019 joining Realty ONE Group. She worked in the firm and learned ropes for a year. Then, she moved to Huntington & Ellis as a realtor in October of 2020. She has been working for the company ever since then.

As a realtor, not only Dom is there to sell houses, instead she was there to sell her experience and serve the clients with the very best she can offer. When it comes to buying houses, on her Instagram, she talks about her location, price point, and what the client wants versus what the client needs.

But real estate wasn’t her first job in her life.

In an IG post from 22 January 2021, Dom talked about commuting between three different jobs (in a restaurant, bar, and nightclub) to make enough money to pay her bills. As a young, lost, and naive girl but she never wanted to go through the struggle her mother went through growing up.

Tired of the place and her life there, Dom hopped on the plane to Las Vegas and learned to take responsibility for her actions and mistakes.

After her Pfizer controversy, her friend Rimante Kaulaviciute started a GoFundMe page for her support. She set an expected donation of $50,000 and collected $16,017 donations as of this writing.

As of this writing, Queen City Dom was able to gather a total net worth of $100 thousand with her career as a real estate broker.

Based on Dom’s LinkedIn, she attended DeVry University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Project Management in 2020. After that, she enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada where she is pursuing her degree in Business Administration and Management, General.

Queen City Dom Husband

Queen City Dom is a married woman to her unnamed husband. Besides the snaps of her husband, she hasn’t revealed any information on her husband. The now-married got engaged on 20 November 2019.

Dom wrote in a post that on that day her now-husband who she called the love of her life asked her to marry him. And of course, she said yes. She further shared that before meeting her “the one,” Dom had given up on love and was ok as a single.

When he arrived in her life, everything changed for her. He helped her push herself towards getting my college degree, obtaining her real estate license, loved her hard when times were tough, stood by her when her health was crumbling, and never left her side.


Queen City Dom and her husband on their wedding day (Pic: Queen City Dom’s IG)

Dom married her husband in early May 2021 in an outdoor ceremony at Wrightsville Manor.

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