On 2020 Valentine’s Day, Amanda Bynes dropped a bombshell via Instagram. Flaunting her emerald cut diamond engagement ring, she officially announced her exit from the dating pool.

Following the revelation, did Amanda reveal who her fiance was? Learn to find out!

Amanda Bynes is Pregnant

On 17 March 2020, Amanda Bynes and her fiance shared the pregnancy news.

2006, She’s the Man actress posted her ultrasound picture with a caption “Baby on board!” Likewise, her fiance Paul Michael also shared the photo captioning “Baby in the making.”

But shortly after, both posts were taken down.

E! News reported the matter with David A. Esquibias., Amanda’s attorney. He said,

When I saw the Instagram posts I immediately launched an investigation in to their origin,

David further added,

Since then I have been successful in causing these posts to be removed. I ask the media and the public to afford Amanda privacy during these difficult times.

A source reached out to E! News and confirmed the pregnancy. “She’s very, very early. Her parents know.” the source said to the News outlet.

Who’s Amanda Bynes Fiance? Boyfriends & Husband Prospects Info


Amanda Bynes Instagrams her mystery fiance’s left hand

When Amanda Bynes shared the said engagement photo, she opted to hide the face of her fiance from the frame. The “Hairspray” actress, however, did include her mystery husband prospect’s wedding band on his ring finger.

Eagle-eyed fans noted that Amanda had worn the same engagement ring on the other hand in a selfie posted a week earlier.

Speaking to People, a close source to Amanda shared that Amanda and her enigmatic fiance met around late-2019. Per the insider, the two seemed relatively happy.


Amanda Bynes and fiance Paul Michael (Pic – Amanda’s IG)

A day after sharing the news of getting engaged, Amanda posted her fiance Paul Michael. Uploading a mirror selfie of the two, the “She’s the Man” actress labeled him “lover.”

Amanda and Paul reportedly met in rehab. Before taking the big step, they were dating for two to three months.

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Back in 2018, Amanda was romantically linked with a fellow student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The identity of her now-former boyfriend was never revealed.

Kid Cudi, Nick Zano, Seth MacFarlane, Doug Reinhardt, Frankie Muniz, Drake Bell, and Taran Killam are Amanda’s past husband prospects.

Amanda Bynes 2020: Net Worth Now, Face Tattoo

A day before the 2020 New Year’s Day celebration, Amanda Bynes shocked her fanbase by showing off new face tattoo — an imperfect heart inked on her cheek.

Initially, everyone suspected the stated face tattoo to be a temporary one. When Amanda posted another Insta photo, it became clear that the inking was permanent.


Amanda Bynes shows off her new face tattoo circa Dec 2020

Amidst reports of substance abuse and mental health issues, Amanda entered a mental health facility around early-2019. December that year, the “All That” actress checked out and went to live with her parents.

In June 2019, Amanda announced she had completed her studies at the Los Angeles-located Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandising. She also shared her goals to make a living as a fashion designer.

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Despite all the nuisance and financial catastrophe surrounding her finances, Amanda reportedly now has $4 million net worth.

Interesting Facts About Amanda Bynes

  1. On 3rd April 2019, Amanda Bynes became 33 years old.
  2. Rick and Lynn Bynes are Amanda’s parents. Jillian and Tommy Bynes are her siblings. (Alprazolam)
  3. “All That” and “The Amanda Show” were Amanda’s earliest projects. “Easy A” is her notable last project.
  4. Amanda stands five feet & eight inches (173 cm) in height.
  5. In 2010, Amanda announced her retirement from movies.
  6. Circa Summer 2019, a mental health facility sued Amanda for allegedly not paying the bill.
  7. Back in 2013, Amanda tweeted that she wanted Drake to murder her vag*ina.
  8. Reports falsely pegged Amanda a pregnant woman in 2017.

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