The hard work is not equivalent to popularity but is parallel to, and Jillian Wisniewski proves it in the best way. She appeared in the public as the partner of the famous golfer Justin Thomas. However, Jillian always kept a low profile and focused on her job, which she’d been doing ever since.

Whatsoever, Justin’s fans and followers always wanted to know more about Jillian. So, here’s a sneak peek into Jillian’s early life, her age, her education details, and also her job. Keep Reading!

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Jillian Wisniewski Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jillian Wisniewski celebrates her birthday in the early days of February making her an Aquarius by zodiac sign. Although the lady tries to keep a low public profile, her 1993 birthday insured that she reached 28 years of age on her 2021 birthday.

Jillian Wisniewski Bio — Family, Hometown, Ethnicity

As her relationship with Justin Thomas made it big in the media, Jillian was adored by the public as well. However, it seems like fame never did entertain her. So, Jillian remained lowkey regarding her family life. Whatsoever, her surname, Wisniewski sounds like a Polish one, which means, Jillian might belong to an ethnicity back in Poland.

Similar to her family background, Jillian has also not unveiled her original hometown. But she lived in Chicago for a long time and also worked there for over half a decade.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Jillian Wisniewski is 5 feet 3 inches in height while her weight is under 49 kgs. From most of her public appearances, Jillian looked quite energetic and full of life. ( So, her distinct features don’t limit to her facial or bodily features but her amazing persona.

Whatsoever, the lady has very impressive looks as well, which includes her wide and beautiful smile and her naturally dark, shiny hairstyle.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Jillian never disclosed much detail of her personal life, hence, making it obvious that her social media account is private. Although she is not on Facebook and Twitter, she handles two Instagram accounts.

One of Jillian’s Instagram is her personal account which she had made private. On the account, she had over 1.4K people following her until April 2021.

Similarly, the other account is her skincare products account. Being a Field Independent Consultant for Rodan + Field company, Jillian seemed to do her advertising and consulting job very well. However, she did not post for nearly two years after June 2019 on her consultant Instagram account.

Jillian Wisniewski Job, Education, Net Worth

Jillian completed her education at the University of Kentucky. She was in the University for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Journalism from the year 2011 to 2015. Although Jillian never unveiled her early schooling details, her university degree seemed to have set her career.

Alongside her B.A. in Journalism, Jillian did a side job as a Nanny for the McCahill family. Also, the lady produced live 5 minute segments for the University of Kentucky’s radio, the UK Student Radio Morning Show. Not only for radio,n but Jillian worked for the University’s UK Student News Network as a Reporter, Producer, Anchor/Co-Anchor, and writer as well.

Jillian also did an internship at mcgarrybowen as an associate broadcast production intern. For most of her college days, she was a Student center service representative at the University of Kentucky Student Center.

Later, after her graduation, Jillian again joined mcgarrybowen as an administrative assistant. Seven months later, she was upgraded to Production Business Manager and continued working as one for over 5 years. Similarly, Jillian’s job was never less, with her being the Senior Business Manager for the company.

Besides her job as a Business Manager, Jillian also supported and helped market Rodan+Field skincare through her social media.

Despite serving as a long-term employee in a company, Jillian never opened up in detail about her income and net worth. However, her net worth supposedly is not less than $800 thousand while her partner’s net worth, on the other hand, is estimated to be about $30 million.

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Jillian Wisniewski & Justin Thomas: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Jillian Wisniewski and the famous American golfer Justin Thomas started dating ever since September 2016. Although Jillian mostly remained low-key about her personal life, the two never concealed their relationship from their fans and followers.

As the couple was always open about their love and relationship in public, their followers got curious about their wedding. However, until April 2021, there was no evidence about Jillian and Justin’s wedding. And it seems like, the day they decide to get married, they’ll definitely let their fans know about it.


Jillian Wisniewski and her boyfriend, Justin Thomas pose with their dog, Franklin. (Pic- Justin’s Instagram)

Talking about their kids, Jillian and Justin have one, and it’s non-other than their cute little dog, Franklin. Not only the couple but their fans also seem to love their dog so much as apparent in the comments of their pictures together.

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