Just when we thought TV shows are no more engaging and original like they used to be before, enter HBO‘s newest dramedy Generation (stylized as Genera+ion). Generation, which explores teen sexuality like no show before, premiered on HBO Max on March 11, 2011.

The co-creator of the show, Zelda Barnz wrote the pilot for the show before she was 17. Let’s talk about what inspired Zelda to write Generation. Also, get insights into her sexuality, net worth, and dating life in the article below.

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About Zelda Barnz Generation

Generation, which Zelda co-created with her dad Daniel Barnz, follows the lives of high school students– Chester, who is a confident and a talented student; Naomi and her twin brother Nathan, who come from a wealthy conservative family; Greta, whose mom has been detained by ICE; Arianna, a gossip; and Riley, whose parents are involved in politics–as they explore their sexuality and identity in the modern society.

In a time when LGBTQ+ characters are only confined to coming-out narratives or some sidekick role, Zelda gives them a special place at the forefront in HBO‘s Generation.

Zelda Barnz Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The talented screenwriter Zelda Barnz’s age was 19 as of March 2021. She turned 19 sometime in 2020. However, her actual birthday remains a secret to the Internet. In the absence of her birthday, it’s impossible to know about her zodiac sign.

Zelda Barnz Wiki — Mom, Dad, Siblings

Though Zelda’s first TV show Generation is very much set in a conservative society, Zelda herself never had to face the stigmas that get associated with an adopted kid.

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Zelda was adopted by her gay parents, Daniel and Ben Barnz. Growing up in a city, Zelda met plentiful of kids who were adopted like her or had gay parents like hers.

While working with her dad Daniel in Generation, Zelda did not only have an eye-opening experience but she also revealed some secrets from her childhood that she would not tell otherwise.

For instance, Zelda told that she and her brother had once thrown a big party while her parents were out of the home and even the cops had shown up.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

For a screenwriter who has shot into the limelight very recently, Zelda actually has a decent social media reach. As of March 2021, she could be found only on Instagram.

Zelda shares all bits and pieces of what’s going on in her life on her Instagram handle. As of this writing, her Instagram account had more than 2.2 thousand followers.

For people who are searching for her on Facebook or Twitter, unfortunately, Zelda does not use those social platforms.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Co-creator of Generation Zelda Barnz stands at a height of 5 Feet 5 inches and weighs no more than 58 kilograms. She has a set of beautiful gray eyes and curly year as her distinctive physical features.

Zelda Barnz Net Worth, Education, Career

Zelda was 17 when she pitched Generation to HBO for the first time. She initially did not believe it was going to get bought. However, to her surprise, the show was given a full-season order.

The Los Angeles native initially did not intend to write Generation as a TV show. Instead, she wanted to write those stories in a novel or a series of short stories. But it was her dad Daniel who encouraged her to write those stories as a TV show.

For her further education, Generation co-creator will be attending Yale, which is also the university her dad went to, in Fall 2021.

Since Zelda Barnz is only 19 and has a long way to go, her net worth figures as of 2021 would not sound as impressive as some other celebrities’ net worth figures would. That being said, it’s still massive compared to any average person. She is expected to have earned at least $500 thousand from HBO for creating Generation.

Zelda Barnz Partner, Bisexual, Dating

Zelda Barnz came out as a bisexual to her parents at an age of 15 during her summer camp. Since she was not allowed to use any phones, she wrote a letter to her parents and told them she was bisexual.

To her surprise, Zelda’s parents took it easy and wrote back. The fact that Zelda’s parents are gay further made it easy for Zelda to come out. (

The young screenwriter was not dating anyone as of this writing. Who knows since Zelda has already been admitted to Yale, she might find a great partner and a companion for her in her class itself.

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