HBO‘s newest queer drama, Generation (stylized as Genera+ion), has drawn immediate comparisons to HBO‘s hit Euphoria since its premiere on March 11, 2021. While Euphoria had a dark tone overall and intense addiction plotline, Generation differentiates itself from Euphoria by showcasing the fun side of being LGBTQ.

The show is a breath of fresh air for people who had been tired to see the same famous faces again and again on the different TV show. Among the pack of fresh faces, Uly Schlesinger, who plays Nathan in Generation, is one.

If you are one of those TV freaks who are interested in knowing more about Uly’s role in Generation, then you are in the right place. Also, learn about Uly’s age, net worth, and dating life.

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Biography — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Generation star Uly Schlesinger’s age was 24 as of March 2021. Uly celebrates his birthday on September 2, 2020, with his friends and family. His September 2nd birthday gives him Virgo as his zodiac sign.

Uly Schlesinger Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Two Eyes actor Uly Schlesinger was born and bred in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. As a child, Uly explored the arts and culture of Providence, which later helped him cultivate his passion for theatre.

Unlike his conservative on-screen parents in Generation, Uly never faced any hesitation or trouble expressing his feelings to his biological parents: Robert and Susan Schlesinger.

Uly’s only sibling, Bennett, a brother, also had a major role in helping Uly achieve his dream of being a great actor.

Uly Schlesinger Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about Uly Schlesinger’s physical features, the Divorce actor stood no more than 5 feet 10 inches. Furthermore, Uly weighed exactly 60 kilograms. As for his distinctive features, he has tattoos on his left arm, brown hair, and blue eyes.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The Providence native had a very decent social media reach up until the premiere of Generation. But, since the premiere of Generation on March 11, 2021, Uly’s socials welcomed hundreds of visitors daily.

As of March 2021, Uly was available on Instagram and Facebook. He had almost 2.3 thousand followers on his Instagram handle.

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Uly Schlesinger Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Uly developed a passion for theatre works and acting at a very young age. Pursuing his long-nurtured passion for acting, Uly joined The New School in September 2015 to study theatre. In May 2019, the Two eyes actor graduated from there with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

Before Uly landed any huge roles in movies and TV shows, he worked at several places. From September 2016, Uly was Special Events Coordinator at the New School, and from August 2014 to August 2016, he worked at Brown University Bookstore as Cashier Customer Service.

Before landing the role of Chester in the TV show The Sinner in 2018, Uly was a brand ambassador for Gin Bao.

Apart from Generation, Uly’s major acting roles include Search Party (2021), Two Eyes (2020), Divorce (2019), Chicago Med (2019).

Furthermore, Uly was also a part of Off-Broadway theatre, The New Englanders, in 2019.

Uly Schlesinger’s net worth was reported to be under $150 thousand.

About Uly Schlesinger Generation, Nathan

Uly’s character Nathan, who comes from a wealthy conservative family, makes a terrible decision of hooking up with his twin sister Naomi’s (played by Chloe East) boyfriend, Chester (played by Justice Smith).

But, once everyone knows about Nathan’s sexuality, he begins a new journey as a bisexual. Nathan’s storyline in the Generation serves a pivotal role to outline the challenges of being a bisexual guy in modern society.

Uly Schlesinger Partner, Dating, Sexuality

Generation viewers know by now that Uly’s character Nathan is bisexual, but they are still unaware of Uly’s sexuality in real life.

Though Generation star has never talked about his dating life or his partner in public, it’s important to know that he is very close to MsBattyGyal, who is a demi girl as MsBattyGyal uses they/she as pronouns.


Uly and MsBattyGyal together in a frame.

MsBattyGyal and Uly’s closeness and friendship can easily be seen on several photos from their Instagram handle. MsBattyGyal even wished Uly a very happy 24th birthday on September 3, 2020.

With that being said, there’s not enough evidence to support the claim that Uly and MsBattyGyal are dating each other.

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