William Jackson Harper grabbed quite the audience’s attention as he appeared for the 2020 Emmy Awards alongside his girlfriend; wearing matching shirts labeled “good trouble”.

The quotation was understood to be a “political fashion statement” referenced to the late Georgia congressman, John Lewis; who suggested people in 2018 to “make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble”.

While the matter lied as a concern to many, it also got people intrigued about the actor. So here we are, laying down William’s life history over this wiki-style article.

Is William Jackson Harper Parents Nigerian?

William Jackson Harper was born on February 8, 1960, in Dallas Texas to parents: (mother) Beverly Harper and father, who remained anonymous. So, just based on his mother’s info, we couldn’t establish whether William’s parents were Nigerian or not.

However, he was featured on “The Good Place” as a child born in Senegal to Nigerian parents. But critics have mentioned that William’s character, Chidi had nothing African about him. Despite his character growing up in West Africa, he neither understood Igbo and not even pidgin English.

Also, do not confuse William Jackson Harper to be related to the actor Samuel L. Jackson, just because of their common surname “Jackson”. According to him, William’s middle name isn’t even “Jackson”, its “Fitzgerald”.

Yes, he thought “William Fitzgerald Harper” was too long of a name, and  “William Harper” was already taken. So, he replaced it with his mother’s maiden name to honor both of his parents.

Trivia: some fans believed that Samuel was William’s anonymous father as they had “identical facial expressions” and even asked them to get a “DNA test”.

Here are some of the names related to William — Antwyn Jason (cousin/musician), Alana Harper (sister, who worked as a manager for Alvin Bailey American Dance Theater), Lobotticus Brown (brother), Graylin Jackson (uncle), Lorianne Johnson (aunt), Stefin Jackson (cousin), Kheenane Lark (cousin) and Claudia Jackson-Gardner (cousin).

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How Tall Is He?

William Jackson Harper stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172.72 cm) and weighs 70 kg (154.32 lbs).

He is a handsome, athletic guy who would charm you with his beautiful dimpled smile. Also, we may as well label him as cute; not just externally but inside out.

In one of his interviews, William was asked what was the most prized possessions that he could never get rid of. He replied,

“A teddy bear from my grandmother and a Pound Puppy that my dad bought me when I was, like, 6”

How adorable is that?

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What Is William Jackson Harper Net Worth?

William Jackson Harper’s net worth was around $1 million in 2020.

And we may credit all of his earning to his job as an actor. He is credited with many popular movies and TV shows; listing some of them are:

Movies — Transferants (2008), All Good Things (2010), That’s What She Said (2012), True Story (2015), Paterson (2016), They Remain (2018), Lost Holiday (2019), Midsommar (2019), Dark Waters (2019), We Broke Up (2020) and more.

TV shows — The Electric Company (2009), Unforgettable (2013), Unforgettable (2013), The Breaks (2017), Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2019), The Good Place (2016), American Dad! (2020), The Underground Railroad (2020) and more.

Not only William built a name for himself but also paved the pathway for dark-skinned to be “awkward, neurotic sex symbols” on screen. He shared that he struggled as a black actor and admired August Wilson; a name no black actor would forget in the industry.

Furthermore, he wanted to see more “meaningful and considered diversity” and shows that “challenged the ideas of masculinity” over the television.

Also, before William moved to the industry, he was a file clerk for the corporate offices of a fitness corporation. It was his buddy, Paco, who hooked him up to the desk jobs.

As for his education, William attended the College of Santa Fe and graduated in 2003.

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Who Is William Jackson Harper Wife?

William Jackson Harper wasn’t married as of 2020. But his wife prospect certainly would be his girlfriend, Ali Ahn.

The duo seems to have started dating before November 2016 and first confirmed their relationship on September 22, 2019. It was William who took it to his Instagram to upload a picture of them captioned,

“Look at my lady. No seriously. Look at her. I mean…damn. Just…damn.”

William loved Ali and was very appreciative of her. Also, he praised Ali’s beauty almost every time he uploaded a picture of them together.

Previously, the couple made their red carpet debut in Jan 2019 and they looked stunning together. Here’s a picture of them from the event.


William Jackson Harper and his girlfriend, Ali Ahn (Source: William’s Instagram)

The couple often went outing together and along with them came their lovely dog. Also, William shared that the dog was his “son”.

It was the same dog that wore matching shirts alongside his “mom and dad” on the 2020 Emmy Awards.

Here is short info on William’s future wife, Ali Ahn: She is also an actress popular for her roles in Liberal Arts (2012), Supernatural (2005). She hails from Asian ethnicity and has 2 siblings.

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