Vada Fly is best known as a battle rap media persona who was linked with Champion, a platform that focuses itself on the world of battle rap. But, a feud ignited between the co-hosts of the Champion after Vada allegedly disrespected them going on the YouTube comment section and defaming their reputation as Kenny Lewis.

Delve into this Vada Fly Wiki to learn more about him.

Vada Fly Age

Vada Fly celebrates his birthday on 15 March. With that, he secured Pisces as his zodiac sign. But he never divulged his age as of June 2021. But, Vada looked as if he was over 32 years old.

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Vada Fly Real Name

Vada Fly, whose real name remains obscure, hails from Bronx, New York, the United States. He tweets about his early childhood with his mom but never revealed her identity. None of her socials holds single snaps of his mom or her dad.

Not only Vada’s parents, but his siblings also remain away from social media reach.

How Tall Is He?

Vada Fly stands tall at a height, not more than 6 feet. Furthermore, he weighed around 79 kilograms (174 lbs).

His Twitter, Instagram

Talking about social media reach, Vada could only be discovered on Twitter and Facebook. His Twitter @Vada_Fly flaunted 22.8k followers in total. Whereas, he wrote over 46k tweets in total as of June 2021.

Moreover, Vada could also be discovered on Facebook. He posted on the platform for the last time in December of 2017. He hasn’t been active on the platform ever since.

But surprisingly, Vada was hard to discover on Instagram.

Vada Fly Net Worth

Vada Fly, with his thriving career as a vlogger, should have a net worth of around $400 thousand.

Before joining the entertainment industry, Vada was reportedly in the military. He once shared a snap of himself in his uniform in September of 2016. But, we guess he retired after that. But then, he earned his spot at Champion, after Jayblac allowed him to host and discuss battles.

He provided all of his contributions toward the Champion until he allegedly decided to turn on his co-hosts using an alias name Kenny Lewis. According to Jayblac, Vada made over 600 comments regarding Champion and the co-hosts except for leaving Tech 9 as an exception but more on that later.

Besides the vlog, Vada also created a self-titled YouTube based on his name. The channel boasted 70.9k subscribers as of 2021. The most-watched video on the channel was HITMAN HOLLA VS CASSIDY + R.B.E. MAXOUT MAIN EVENT + LETS TALK.

Together with Showtime SP, Vada sells merch under the imprint Rice Gang Clothing Line.

So, Vada is coming every way to make himself a pivotal point in the media of battle-rap, which happens to be a sub-culture of a sub-culture.

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Is Vada Fly The Real Kenny Lewis?

Vada Fly in fact turned out to be the real Keny Lewis. After he got caught, Vada made a video online and confessed that everything that happened, shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But, the damage was done and the only thing that he could do was apologize for his actions.

All of the situations rose because of the SMACK Vol. I and K.O.T.D. and Champion. Another situation was his relationship with, Rome DMV. He apologized to everyone embroiled in the internet trolling

In December of 2017, Jayblac released his own confessions about ‘Kenny Lewis’ and posted on the video of his YouTube. In the video, he started with he never wanted something like this situation happening to him even after Vada AKA Kenny threw dirt on his name.

But, he decided to make it clear to his viewers that Vada was looking for a way out and he wanted to speak more lies. Addressing the video of Vada’s confession, he pointed that Vada repeatedly stated that ‘I’ aware’ but never admitted that he was Kenny Lewis and he did it.

Jayblac also accused that he only did it because Rome DMV discovered who Kenny Lewis was. He also pointed out that for a month and a half he went through every Kenny Lewis comment to figure out it was him. He was witnessing Vada lie every day.

However, Jayblac shared about hoping it wasn’t Vada. He accused Vada of destroying Champion from the inside.

Vada Fly Wife

On many of his vlogs about battle rap, Vada Fly addressed a beautiful lady as his wife. However, he never shared her name.

That said, there are no records of Vada Fly ever getting married. While he demonstrated his sense of humor with tweets related to girlfriend and wife, Vada never admitted tieing the knots with anyone. But, he has a daughter around the age of 10.

What’s more, Vada omitted to more share details on his baby mother.


Vada with his daughter in August of 2019 (Pic: Vada’s Twitter)

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