Condolences to the “Trap Queen” singer Fetty Wap and his 5th baby mama Turquoise Miami on the death of their 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell. In this moment of grief, we wish the bereaved parents all the strength they require and pray for peace and happiness to follow them soon.

Keep reading this Turquoise Miami Wiki to learn all about Fetty Wap’s 5th baby mama.

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Turquoise Miami Age

Turquoise Miami was reportedly born before 1995. So, she couldn’t have been any younger than 26 years of age in 2021.

Her birthday information was kept confidential.

Just in case you are curious, Fetty Wap was 30 years of age then. He was born on Jun 7, 1991, and is of the Gemini zodiac.

Turquoise Miami Real Name

Both Fetty Wap, and Turquoise Miami were the duo’s stage moniker. In fact, Turquoise also went by the name “Turquoise Wop” during her performances. Unfortunately, unlike Fetty who revealed his real name to be Willie Maxwell, Turquoise’s birth name was kept private.

Her Height, Measurements

Turquoise Miami stands tall at a height of under 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm). Likewise, her baby daddy Fetty Wap was 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm) tall.

Reportedly, Turquoise’s body measurements were 37-26-38 inches.

Mentioning her distinct features, Turquoise has a voluptuous body which was covered with exotic tattoos; starting from her right abdomen. So, is she all-natural? Well, there were rumors that Turquoise has gone under a few plastic surgeries. However, it was never confirmed.

Her Career As A Dancer & A Musical Artist

Turquoise Miami is a rapper and a good one at that. Her hit single “Trap Bitch” was released in 2018 and since then Turquoise has garnered her own fanbase; with die-hard fans including Fetty Wap.

Go check her music over Youtube and Spotify.

But as exceptional as her bars were, even better was her dance. She has performed her exotic dances on popular clubs like King Of Diamonds, and there were a few videos of her “performing” over Fetty’s IG before 2021.

Her specialty was pole dancing and stripping.

By 2021, Turquoise had already garnered a net worth of under $450 thousand. Her baby daddy, Fetty Wap’s net worth was $8 million then.

Did you know: An average exotic dancer in Atlanta, Georgia made an average of $48 thousand in 2021.

Turquoise Miami Instagram, Facebook

Around June 2021, Turquoise Miami deleted or deactivated her all social media accounts. Over Instagram, she previously used to go by the name of @turquoiseatl and @turquoisemiami.

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Turquoise Miami And Fetty Wap: Daughter, Child Support

Turquoise Miami and Fetty Wap welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lauren Maxwell on February 7th, 2017. Unfortunately, the two broke up soon after, and since then Turquoise has alleged Fetty multiple times for not paying child support.

On November 14, 2020, Turquoise took it to her IG with a flyer of Fetty Wap, captioned,

“Y’all I’m finna book this flight so I can personally ask this n**** when  he plans to pay child support or get his daughter cause it’s been two years and I’m curious.”

But finance wasn’t all Turquoise was looking for her daughter. As a child who grew up without dad herself, Turquoise wanted Fetty to be there “physically and emotionally”. 

“I don’t want my daughter to be messed up in the f**ing head,” Turquoise said. 

However, Fetty never responded to the allegations.

Turquoise’s father died when she was six. But it wasn’t until Turquoise stepped into her 20’s, she finally “got over it”. And now, with her firstborn’s death, we cannot even begin to imagine the pain she must have gone through.

To provide strength to the bereaved parents, several stars like CJ Fly and  DJ ill Will took it to their Twitter to express their heartfelt condolences.

Who Are Fetty Wap’s Other Baby Mamas?

Hold on tight! Fetty Wap has six children with five different women (including Turquoise Miami). Yes, and it was all before he reached 26.

His baby mamas included:

  • The Remy Boyz frontrunner, Ariel Reese. The two welcomed a son named Aydin in 2011.
  • Lezhae Zeona: She and Fetty have two kids — a baby boy Zyheir (born 2018) and a daughter Zaviera (born 2015).
  • Elayanna: They share a daughter named Amani (born 2016).
  • Masika Kalsyha: Welcomed a daughter named Khari Barbie in 2016.

In November 2020, Fetty decided to bring all his kids together to spend time with them. And as expected, a drama unfolded between two of his baby mothers Masika and Lezhae. 

So, at the end of the heated conversion, Turquoise jumped in saying that this was the reason she didn’t allow her daughter Lauren to spend the weekend with Fetty because she knew that the drama would happen eventually.

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