Thomas Lane grew into infamy as one of the four Minneapolis cops involved in George Floyd’s death.

As Derek Chauvin kneeled on George’s neck, Thomas and the other officer restrained him from behind. Meanwhile, the third officer Tou Thao stood guard for them.

Read in brief about Thomas’ wiki including his age, ethnicity, and height. Also, discover info about his wife, kids, and family!

Thomas Lane Wiki — Age, Ethnicity, Wife

As of 2020, Thomas Lane was 37 years old. As such, he was probably born in the year 1983.

However, info about Thomas’ exact date of birth and birthday wasn’t available.

Talking ethnicity, Thomas Lane is of Caucasian descent. What’s more, both of his parents were White Americans.

Little to no details seemed available on Thomas’ siblings. That said, his late-grandfather was Donald M. Mealey — a former detective.

After Thomas’ involvement in Geroge Floyd’s case, none of his family members were keen to come out. The same level of anonymity was adopted by Thomas’ wife and kids.

Per several online publications, Thomas was a married man. Understandably, he wanted his spouse and their children to keep out of the limelight.

Discussing his physical traits, Thomas Lane should possess around five feet eleven inches in height.

Also, people curious about George Floyd’s case found it difficult to pinpoint his Instagram and Facebook.

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His Work With Minneapolis PD

Of the four individuals involved in George Floyd’s murder, Thomas was the one with the least experience.

Compared to Derek Chauvin and Tou Thau — who were already veterans — Thomas was a newbie.

When his name got dragged into George Floyd’s murder case, Thomas was with the Minneapolis PD for a mere six months.

Reports online claimed Thomas had joined the police force in December 2019.

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How Thomas Lane & Other Officers Murdered George Floyd?

On 25th May 2020, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Keung approached George’s car after responding to a 911 call.

The complaint from a store clerk had alleged that George bought drinks with a counterfeit $20 bill.

When Thomas pulled up next to the passenger side, he pulled a gun and asked George to raise his hands.

According to Thomas, George resisted during the whole arrest.

After interrogation about his identity and the alleged counterfeit bill, Thomas tried to move George to the squad car. Understandably George hesitated, complaining that he was claustrophobic.

By then, remaining officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao had already arrived.

When Thomas and J. Alexander pushed George from the driver’s side, Derek pulled him from the other.

Eventually, George landed face-first on the ground. While Thomas and J. Alexander held George’s legs, Derek took a knee on his neck.

According to Thomas and J. Alexander, they suggested turning George around but Chauvin objected. After more than nine minutes of continuous pressure, Derek died.

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Thomas Lane Charges, Arrested, Jail

When the by-standers videos of the altercation went viral, Minneapolis PD fired all four officers including Thomas Lane.

However, once the rioting and protest began, the DA only arrested Derek Chauvin on the charges of second-degree murder.

With mounting pressure from the public and autopsy report, the DA reportedly agreed to press charges of aiding and abetting against Thomas and J. Alexander Keung.

Photos of Thomas and co on their jail uniform broke the internet.

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