TheDadofTikTok had a staggering number of followers on his TikTok. But, once he got arrested in late June 2021, fans wanted to look into his life and the details that it holds.

This TheDadofTikTok [TikTok] Wiki attempts to bring you details on his life, real name, net worth, and wife.

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TheDadofTikTok [TikTok] Arrested, Charges

TheDadofTikTok was arrested on 24 June 2021. The news of his arrest was shared on TikTok by other users. So, fans were eager to learn about the charges brought against him.

As reported in Allen County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Inquiry, he was arrested for different charges and held at the office for trial or bond. He was charged with one felony count for gross sexual imposition using force, one felony count of gross sexual imposition for a victim under 13, and a misdemeanor count for sexual imposition with a victim 13, 14, or 15.

TheDadofTikTok was held for a $100,000 bond and his release hadn’t been scheduled as of 1st July 2021.

But, this wasn’t the first time he ran into trouble with the law. Back in April of 2018, he and his friends presented themselves in a court trial after his former friend Dalton Crowe stabbed him with the kitchen knife no fewer than four times during an alcohol-fueled altercation between the two. At the time, he was sober for seven months and had purchased a bottle of vodka.

TheDadofTikTok [TikTok] Age

TheDadofTikTok reached the age of 31 in 2021. He was born in January 1990. His birthday falls every year on 9 January. Moreover, he secured Capricorn as his zodiac sign.

His Instagram, Twitter

It comes as a surprise, but TheDadofTikTok doesn’t have an Instagram account as of July 2021. This means he has deactivated his profile. Previously, he went by the name @mrmcpheron1990.

As for his other platforms, his TikTok account earned 517.7k followers in total. He garnered a total of 3 million likes for his videos.

He also went by @thedadoftiktok on Twitter with 42 followers. Josh made a total of 654 tweets in total.

Moreover, he also went by the name Joshua McPheron(thedadoftiktok) on his Facebook. 

TheDadofTikTok [TikTok] Real Name

Real Name Joshua McPheron, TheDadofTikTok was born to his father Theodore ‘Ted’ McPheron and his mother Jessica McPheron in his hometown of Lima, Ohio. His father was one of the two children born to Pastor Theodore Vern “Ted” McPheron Sr.

Pastor Ted had served in the U.S. Air Force and attended Lima South High School. He worked for 30 years at Teledyne Ohio Steel Foundry and had been a Special Deputy Allen County Sheriff and also a Lafayette Village Patrolman in the ’60s. There are no details that exist on his mother Jessica, besides a few snaps of Jessica on his socials.

As for Joshua’s grandmother, her name was Margurite “Rite” Martin who passed away on 29 March 2016.

Joshua grew up with two brothers: Steven McPheron and Jonathan McPheron. Steven still resides in his hometown and attended Lima Senior High School. Then he attended Apollo Career Center. He has the job of Order Selector at SpartanNash. As of July of 2021, he is engaged to Sonya Woten.

Talking about his other brother Jonathan McPheron, he also resides in Lima, Ohio, and attended Bath High School. Previously, he worked as Forklift Operator at Nash Finch. Jonathan has been working as Superior Wholesale Distributors. He is engaged to Kayla Mills.

His Height

TheDadofTikTok stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8.5 inches (1.73 meters). Because of his bulky size, he weighed about 136 kilograms (300 lbs).

Talking about his distinct features, TheDadofTikTok is a tattoo enthusiast. He inked numerous on different parts of his body including on his face, hands, arms, and chest.

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TheDadofTikTok [TikTok] Wife

TheDadofTikTok was in a relationship with his partner Brandy Nance from his hometown. The total period when they were in a relationship is yet to be known. While it is yet to be confirmed but all five kids that he has are from his previous relationship.


TheDadofTikTok “Joshua” with his girlfriend Brandy in June of 2021 (Pic: Joshua’s FB)

Joshua is adored by all of his kids and is often pictured having fun with his kids. Not only TikTok, but he is an actual dad to two daughters: Chloe and Lily, and three sons: Lahkyn, Kasen, Joshua Jr.

Talking about TheDadofTikTok’s wife prospect, Brandy also hails from Lima, Ohio. She attended Bath High School in Allen County, Ohio. She has a job working as a Materials Specialist at Lima Memorial Health System.

As of early July 2021, while Joshua’s relationship status on Facebook was written: “in a relationship.” Brandy has her relationship status as ‘single.’ It appears she changed it after TheDadofTikTok ran into trouble with the law.

TheDadofTikTok [TikTok] Net Worth

TheDadofTikTok accumulated a reported total net worth of $300 thousand. Scroll down to learn more about him and his career.

Initially, TheDadofTikTok was pursuing a career as a rapper. He made music under the name J Flow. He first addressed his rapping career on his Twitter, @jflow419family.

Joshua made most of his songs with a group called 419 Family.


Then he tweeted his song Doin’ it my way featuring Fantastic. Some of his other songs that she wrote include: I’ll Miss You All, Family Thing, The Only Thing Poppin, Love That Lasts Forever, A Letter To My Parents, Dear America, Won’t Stop Till I’m Rich, Be Who I Am, and several others.

While he might’ve done some odd jobs in between, he never addressed any of them as of this writing. During that period, he struggled with drug abuse but in late April of 2019, he decided to dedicate his life to Jesus.

On 25 April 2019, TheDadofTikTok became an Ordained Minister.

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