Who Is Tara Reade?

Tara Reade is a former Joe Biden staffer who lodged a criminal complaint with the DC Police in April 2020. She accused the former VP of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

A month earlier, Tara came forth claiming that Joe had touched her shoulders and necks in ways that were beyond comfortable. At the time, Tara didn’t make an assault allegation.

In a March 2020 interview with Katie Halper, Tara claimed that Joe shoved her into the wall and penetrated her with his fingers. As she tried to free herself, Tara claimed the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election told her he thought she liked him.

In a tweet dated back to April 2020, Tara acknowledged that the statute of limitations on her complaint would prevent any legal action.

Responding to the allegations in May 2020, Joe told Tara’s claims weren’t true. He even urged the Secretary of the US Senate to release documents related to the complaint.

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Tara Reade Husband, Boyfriend, Divorce

Citing then-American government’s xenophobia, Tara Reade left Washington in 1993 with her boyfriend. In a 2009 interview, Tara insisted that an artistic pursuit drove the decision.

At some point in the mid-90s, Tara married a man named Theodore Dronen. Over time, the relationship between them turned sour and even physical. It was Tara’s husband Theodore who filed the divorce papers. When she filed a restraining order against him, he contested the case in the court.

Per the documents filed by Theodore, Tara told him about the sexual harassment she faced at Joe Biden’s Senta office. Also, Theodore shared Tara confined him about striking a deal with Joe’s chief of staff.

Following the divorce, Tara changed her name. By then, she and now-former husband Theodore had a daughter. With the turbulent past behind her, Tara relocated to Seattle and went on to become a model citizen.

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Tara Rede Net Worth, Job, Parents

According to Tara Rede, she graduated from the Seattle University School of Law but didn’t attend a bar exam. In terms of job, Tara claimed she worked as an expert witness and a behavior therapist for special-needs children. Meanwhile, her net worth should surpass $300 thousand.

Talking about parents, Tara grew up very close to her late mother Jeanette Altimus. The first thing Tara did after Joe Biden allegedly assaulted — call Jeanette. Moreover, Jeanette’s phone call to Larry King Live about the alleged sexual assault incident would later prove essential. In her family, Tara also had a brother. (

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