Makayla Culpepper, a viral TikToker who had hopped on the trend RushTok, has been banned and fans are confused why. Later, she updated on her IG that her banned period was ending soon and she prepared a TikTok while clarifying the reason.

Until then this Makayla Culpepper Wiki brings you details on different parts of her life. We discuss, her boyfriend, age, getting dropped, and family details

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Makayla Culpepper Dropped, Banned

Just when her TikToks were blowing up, Makayla Culpepper broke the news that she was shadowbanned. Hence, she couldn’t post new updates on her platform. Her getting banned naturally confused people on the reasons why she was banned. Because she made completely harmless and fun outfits TikToks.

Makayla had mentioned briefly in one video that people have been trying to “cancel” her for using a tanning bed.

The rumor doesn’t stop there at all. In fact, a user named @victoriarexx wrote on her Twitter, Makayla Culpepper being dropped from EVERY SINGLE sorority is the Bama rushtok plot twist of the century.

Before she was banned from the platform, Makayla had even let her followers choose an outfit for her that she should wear for her “Sisterhood” day.

On 25 August 2021, Makayla posted on her IG story that her banning will be lifted off at night. So, as an explanation, she had already created a draft explaining the reason for getting shadow-banned.

In the aftermath of the ban, fans of Makayla, flooded her TikTok’s comment section to show support. One of her supporters even wrote “JUSTICE FOR MAKAYLA.” Another support of her wrote, “School starts the 18, those houses will be burned by noon. You deserved better queen. It’s giving jealousy and racism.”

Hence, a conclusion has been drawn that Makayla was banned for no reason at all.

Makayla Culpepper Age

Makala Culpepper, according to her Instagram, is 19 years old as of Aug 2021. But, her precise date of birth is yet to be revealed.

Her Height

Makayla Culpepper stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters). She is a dark-skinned beauty who was criticized for going tanning bed.

Makayla Culpepper Family, Ethnicity

Makayla Culpepper was born to her parents in her hometown in Pike Road, Alabama. Her mother was once featured on her TikTok on 24 April 2021. Besides that, no information surfaced on either of her parents.

The Alabama native, Makayla Culpepper has shared that she is of mixed ethnicity. Her mother is White-American, and her father, as already stated, remains away from the public radar. (Xanax) She also shared that the fact that she is mixed, she biologically inherited her skin tone.

Makayla talked about people trying to cancel her for going to the tanning bed, which she believed was dumb. On top of that, she has also been accused of using a Southern accent which most users believed was fake.

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Her Instagram, Facebook

Makayla Culpepper is only on Instagram and TikTok. Her Instagram handle (@makaylaculpepper) gathered 8,852 followers as of Aug 2021. But the platform contained only 10 posts. On TikTok, her handle is (@whatwouldjimmybuffettdo).

She gathered 126.9k followers and 1.1 million likes for her TikTok.

Makayla Culpepper Job

In one of her earliest posts, Makayla Culpepper has tagged her potential future career, which is a nurse. She might get a job as a nurse after she graduated college where she allegedly joined to become a nurse.

Makayla Culpepper became a viral sensation on TikTok, only recently in August of 2021. But, she started posting TikToks back in March of 2020. Her contents were mostly based on make-up, outfits, and lip-syncs.

Makayla ran a series titled OOTD (Outfits of the Day) which made her videos go viral. TikTok’s recent trend Alabama Rush displayed a look inside sorority rush weel at the University of Alabama and other universities.

Hopping on the trend, Makayla flaunted the outfit ideas to each sorority rush event. Following her, others also started creating trends that made her a TikTok’s viral sensation.

Makayla Culpepper Boyfriend

Makayla Culpepper is pretty, cute, and has a dressing sense. So, she is definitely a girlfriend material for interested boys. But, her dating life is a complete mystery as of 2021. Even if she was maintaining a relationship, she keeps it away from public attention.

Although Makayla has mentioned her type and interest in her TikToks. For Makayla, her ideal man should have a passion for duck hunting. It is a game-changer for her. Plus, Makayla preferred men who do blue-collar works rather than the one who sits in an office.

Whereas, in one of the other earliest TikToks, Makayla shared that her husband taking garter off in front of 100 people including her parents would be the most embracing for her. So, she didn’t find the tradition very appealing.

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