Jennie Nguyen is a businesswoman from Salt Lake City who is starring as a major cast in BravoTV’s The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (TRHOSLC). She was best known as the friend of a fellow cast of Lisa Barlow. With Jen Shah getting in trouble with the law, everyone has assumed she was here to replace her.

Scroll down this Jennie Nguyen Wiki to learn more about her age, net worth, married, and details on her family.

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Jennie Nguyen Age, Birthday

Jennie Nguyen was 44 years old as of August 2021. She celebrates her birthday on 10 June every year.

Jennie Nguyen Family, Ethnicity

Born in Vietnam, Jennie Nguyen moved to the United States with her parents when she was seven years old. Because of her private nature, she offered no details on her parents. Like most of the Vietnamese immigrants, she must’ve had most of her family members back home.

Besides her parents, her possible siblings also remain away from the public radar. Talking about her background, Jennie Nguyen is of Vietnamese-American ethnicity.

Her Height, Measurements

Jen Shah, a fellow cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City named her “a little firecracker.” It is because Jennie Nguyen stands tall to the height, not more than 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Even in her mid-40s, Jennie looks absolutely stunning with her measurements of 31-24-34.

One of her distinct features is the long dense hair that she has.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Jennie Nguyen is on several social media platforms. On Instagram, she goes by the name (@jennienguyenluv). She gathered 2,650 followers where she posted 109 times. On Twitter (@JennieNguyenLuv), she was able to attract 398 followers where she only tweeted 39 times in total.

Moreover, Jennie also has an account on TikTok, (@jennienguyenluv) with 23 followers 9 videos, and 208 likes for them. She also owns a Facebook account.

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Jennie Nguyen On RHOSLC

Jennie Nguyen first caught everyone’s attention when she was introduced as the friend of Lisa Barlow. They are good friends. But, she earned a full-time role on TRHOSLC, after Jen got embroiled in legal troubles that could lead to her long time sentencing.

Jennie, who became friends with all of the casts, understood that they had an incredible experience on the show. So, Jennie has also wanted to be a part of the show ever since. As an insider revealed, she always came across as the type who spoke her mind, get sassy, or get into trouble. Plus, her amazing sense of fashion set her apart from the rest and would be a perfect fit for the show.

However, it shouldn’t be mistaken that Jennie was here to replace Jen. She was an additional cast who got more screen time because of Jen’s legal woes.

Nevertheless, this will mark Jennie debut as a BravoTV’s reality star.

Jennie Nguyen Net Worth

The Salt Lake City businesswoman, Jennie Nguyen is estimated to have a total net worth of $3 million.

Meet Jennie Nguyen, dubbed as a successful businesswoman in Salt Lake City. As BravoTV revealed, she had a medical spa business. But she sold her business to become a stay home mom.

Now Jennie seems to be dividing her time between her kids and pursuing her passion for cooking. Her foody nature inspired her to become an influencer on several social media platforms. She created a YouTube channel JennieNguyenLuv. The channel until this writing gathered 22 subscribers.

Jennie uploaded five videos in total which included her recipes for making Mashed Potatoes, Avocado Shakes, Vietnamese Coffee, Strawberry Lemonade, and Cantaloupe Smoothies.

Not only her channel but her Instagram also contains food posts, so does her TikTok. So, what we’re looking her is a promising food blogging career. Though she just got started, Jennie exhibited a lot of confidence in her videos.

Is Jennie Nguyen Married?

Yes, Jennie Nguyen is married to her husband Dr. Duy Tran. She has three kids from her marriage with Duy. Based on her IG posts, Jennie has two sons one of whom is Atlas and an anonymous daughter. While Atlas were featured on her socials, he daughter preferred to remain away from the public attention.

But, Jennie has also mentioned her daughter in one of her Instagram posts from April 2020.

Unfortunately, the beautiful family of five, however, seems to be going through family trouble of their own. She and her husband, Duy are having frictions over the topic of adding new members into the family.

Jennie, who already birthed 3 kids and is in her 40s, is reluctant about the idea. Whereas, Duy is pressuring her to have a few more kids since she was already a stay-at-home mom. This has resulted in several arguments between the two, but one thing is for sure, Duy has made up his mind about the kids.

Plus, Duy was willing to explore all the options including a sister wife. Jennie has yet to share how she feels about her husband’s idea.


Jennie Nguyen and her husband Dr. Duy Tran together (Pic: Jennie’s Instagram)

By profession, Jennie’s husband is a Doctor of Chiropractor. He started Health Quest Utah in 1992 and has been running his private practice ever since. An average chiropractor makes an average of $140 thousand, so, he has prospered financially with his job.

Keeping that in mind, Dr. Duy Tran should have a total net worth of over $5 million.

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