Embarking the audience on his endeavors to discover paranormality, Steve Gonsalves scared a lot of people through the SYFY series Ghost Hunters. 

The series Ghost Hunters was said to have ended in 2016. But it was later revived again in mid-2019.

To fans’ dismay, during the newer seasons, the previous cast along with Steve Gonsalves was replaced by Grant Wilson and his new team of professionals.

Steve was working on a Travel Channel show called Ghost Nation in 2020. He was set on making even bigger discoveries and finding paranormal evidence to rival his formal co-star Grant.

Stay till the end to find out about Steve’s life’s journey.

Steve Gonsalves Wiki, Parents, Siblings

Stephen A. Gonsalves is a producer and a TV star. He was born on 23rd October 1975 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and raised in Pennsylvania.

Starting research about paranormality at the age of 15, Stephan was already a semi-pro by the age of 17. He shared his early research with Dr. William G. Rollat at the Rhine Research Center.

At the age of 20, Stephan was working on paranormal issues in Worcester, Massachusetts. After a few years, he formed his team New England Paranormal.

Later, Stephan co-founded the paranormal investigative group, The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) alongside his two colleagues Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson

Interestingly, Stephan was working as a police officer while he joined the TAPS in 1996.

Stephan’s family was always worried about his audacious adventures. Though he didn’t share much information about his siblings and childhood, it is safe to say that he must have raced his parents’ hearts a million times.

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Steve Gonsalves Dating Status, Wife, Married

The technical specialist, Steve Gonsalves maintained secrecy about his dating life.

Rumors have that Steve gave his heart to a girl named Alyce Haynes from his high school. In 2013, they were spotted together, trying to figure things out.

Unfortunately on 6th January 2020, the rumor was addressed as Alyce Haynes married entrepreneur and vlogger, Ben Carlin.

For his part, Steve became private with his girlfriends and dating endavours. Most fans speculated him to be living a wonderful married life with his wife off the camera while the other half believed he was single.

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Steve Gonsalves Net Worth, Height, Weight Loss

Steve Gonsalves stands tall at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (1.8 meters).

As his work was cut out for him, Steve was conscious about maintaining proper health. He was looking for a better option other than jogging for weight loss.

Steve worked for many shows like Ghost Hunters (2004-2016), Destination Truth (2009), Ghost Hunters Academy (2009-2010), and Ghost Nation (2019).

Furthermore, Steve also made appearances in movies The House in Between, The Captured Bird (2012), and Ghost Team (2016).

To spew his thoughts, Steve was invited for interviews on Larry King Now (2013), The View (2013), Fox and Friends (2013), and Steve Harvey (2014).

Moreover, by 2020, Steve Gonsalves’ estimated net worth was around $400 thousand.

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