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We rarely come across a person with an interest cultivated in things like magic, wizardry, and paranormal. Out of that uncommon, precious lot is the popular magician turned paranormal professional Dave Tango.

Get to know more about him by reading the article below where we have got info about his tattoos, net worth, and dating status covered!

David Tango Wiki, Family, Tattoos

Dave Tango was born on March 20, 1985, in Linden, New Jersey. He was summoned by the name ‘Jersey’ in his childhood by his family and friends. Dave’s zodiac sign is Pisces.

For education, Dave attended the Center School, a New Jersey-based school founded for disabled and emotionally disturbed children. Of what is known, his father is also an actor and starred in the movie called The Staring Man (2015).

Dave is heavily inked. He has tattoos carved in different parts of the body. But the tattoo that stands out is the one in the arm which is ‘the magician‘ from The Tarot Cards.

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Height, Net Worth, Ghost Hunters

Dave Tango had an immense interest in magic tricks and paranormal things from an early age. For his first job, he did professional magic shows for children and adults.

However, when his affection for the paranormal exceeded magic, he left the job of a magician to practice the paranormal. All of his knowledge he gained practicing paranormal worked out when he was appointed as an investigator in his debut TV series Ghost Hunters.

Following that, Dave — five feet & eight inches plus height — got roles in Infanity (2008), and The Monster Hunter (2009). Likewise, some of his notable works include The World Within (2010) and Ghosts That Hunt Back (2011).

In 2016, when the show Ghost Hunters ended, it also marked the end of Dave’s participation in it. However, again in 2019, the Ghost Hunters paranormal pioneers, along with the actor, launched another series called Ghost Nation.

Without a second thought, it can be said that Dave’s career leaped a huge height when he was hired by Ghost Hunters. From the show, Dave even accumulated a certain sum of money that totals to make a net worth of $1 million.

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David Tango Wife, Dating, Girlfriend

David-Tango-Wiki-Net Worth-Wife-Dating-Height-Family

Dave Tango with his mystery girlfriend on March 18, 2010.

On December 10, 2009, Dave Tango shared a picture of him with his girlfriend — as confirmed by his Facebook post — captured at the Vegas Palms Casino Playboy Tower. However, there existed very little info on her identity at the time.

This stated post created thousands of talks among his fans like — who is she? and when did the two begin dating? to name a few.

Again on March 18, 2010, Dave shared a cozy shot with the same dating partner, to spice things up. However, the talented actor never bothered to tell the identity of his wife prospect.

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