The famous singer and TV host Marie Osmond has the most interesting love story ever with her current husband Steve Craig. Their love story spans over 35 years and had ups and downs like in fantasy.

This article gives the readers some insight into who Steve was and how he fell in and out and then back in love with Marie. If you want to know the details of Steve Craig and Marie Osmond’s amazing love story, read the article below.

Steve Craig Age, Birthday, Zodiac

From extensive research, the authors estimated that Steve was born in the year 1957. That meant Steve’s age, as of September 2020, was 63.

Some social media research told us that his birthday was on August 26. Having his birthday on 26 August, his zodiac sign was Virgo.

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Steve Craig Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Steve Craig was born to an American Mormon family. His hometown was Provo, Utah, where he was born and grew up. Growing up, Steve learned the Mormon values from his family and still adhere to those.

There was no specific information about any of his family members. Also, it was not known where Steve went for high school education. For college education, he went to Brigham Young University, and in there he started playing basketball. Basketball turned out to be his career.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Steve Craig was a tall guy standing at a height of 6 ft 3 inches or 190 cm, and he weighs around 79 kgs.

Among his distinct features were light blue eyes, beautiful hair, wide jawline, and all in all handsome facial features.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Steve Craig himself was not present in social media. Maybe because he was a man of the older generation, he did not seem to be interested in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

He did, however, occasionally appeared on his wife’s Instagram. Marie had a huge following on Instagram, i.e. 274k.

Steve Craig Net Worth, Job, Career

Steve started his post-university life with a career in basketball. After playing basketball in the university, he was drafted by the Philadelphia Sixers. He played 86 games as a professional basketball player for the Sixers. He played on the position of Point Guard.

After he retired as a professional basketball player, Steve Craig held the job of music producer for a while. Eventually, he left that gig as well and became a motivational speaker. The job as a motivational speaker seemed to suit him very well and he was in that career for many years now.

Steve Craig’s net worth, earned though his basketball career, music production career, and motivational speaking career, amounted to almost $2 million.

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Steve Craig & Marie Osmond: Married, Divorce, Children

Finally the part Steve Craig was the most famous for, his un/married life and his relationship with Marie Osmond. Steve met Marie at a very young age and they married in the year 1982 when Steve was 25 and Marie was just 24 years of age.

Marie gave birth to the first of her many children, a son named Stephen, about a year later in April, 1983. Things, however, worsened between Steve and Marie after that. They ended their married life a couple of years later. Their divorce was finalized in 1985.

After that, for the next 25 years, they remained separated. Marie got married to a guy called Brian Blossil and had seven children with him. What Steve did was not known. But their paths crossed once again, almost 25 years later.

In 2007, Marie divorced her then-husband Brian Blossil after 20 years of being married. The opportunity was ripe for the reunion of Steve and Marie. They met each other once again sometime in 2009 and started dating secretly.

After dating for a couple of years, they married each other for the second time in a beautiful wedding in Las Vegas Nevada Temple. As a symbolic gesture of their overdue love story, Marie wore her 1982 wedding dress for the second wedding as well.


Steve Craig and his wife Marie Osmond celebrating Steve’s birthday circa August 2020 (PC: Marie’s IG)

Since 2011, Marie was happier than ever she had been. She even told closer-weekly that she was “in love for the first time” in her life.

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