Sophie Hart, a photographer, and model, best known for dating Pretty Little Liars actor Ian Harding were revealed to be married. A close source revealed to E! News that they tied the knots in October 2019. Since their relationship was always private, not many know her.

Worry not as we’ve put together this Sophie Hart Wiki to help you learn more about Ian Harding’s wife.

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Sophie Hart Age, Birthday

Sophie Hart receives birthday wishes from her and Ian Harding’s fans every year on 23 August. As of 2021, she appears to be no more than 34 years old, but she never shared precise details on her age.

Sophie Hart Family, Hometown

For Sophie Hart to be heart-stoppingly beautiful and appears as if she belonged in a different era, one can imagine that her parents must’ve been very attractive too. However, her extremely private nature wouldn’t allow us to even have a look at what they must’ve looked like.

We don’t hold any information on her father as well as her mother. Along with her folks, her possible siblings also remain anonymous and unidentified.

As for her husband, Ian Harding was born in his hometown of Heidelberg, Germany, left the country at the age of three. Both of his parents were in the military and were stationed in Heidelberg for three years.

Ian’s mother suffered from Lupus, a chronic illness, and was a captain in the US Navy. Her illness was diagnosed a the age of 40. As a kid, he would be angry that his mom wouldn’t attend his football games.

As Ian grew older, he started realizing the intensity of the illness and what she had accomplished despite that.

Her Height, Distinct Features

What complimented Sophie Hart’s classy looks was her height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters). She kept Audrey Hepburn’s styled hair cut and often put on eyelashes on her upper eyelids that gave her classic actress looks.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Instagram, by far, is the only social media platform, Sophie Hart posts on. Her handle (@sophiiieeehart) gathered 21.3k followers and 449 posts in total until 12 Aug 2021. Besides that, she doesn’t seem to be on Facebook as well as Twitter.

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Sophie Hart Job, Net Worth

Photography, as a passion, not only quenched her passion but also helped Sophie build a fortune. Sophie Hart stacked a total net worth of nearly $700 thousand.

Sophie Hart has multiple jobs. She is a set designer, fashion model, a blogger, but most importantly a photographer. She has earned wider prominence and fame as a photographer, and her unique style of work has received praise.

Her work has been featured in magazines such as Cut and LADYGUNN. Sophie has also done some work in short films. According to her blog, her works are inspired by mid-century design and early cinema.

Each of her subjects inhabits a memorable and theatrical world of their own. Sophie is also equally talented to assist with the full creative direction and set design.

While Sophie is not taking pictures of others, she doesn’t hesitate to get in front of the camera. With her modelesque appearance, she earned praises from fans and lovers of photography.

Sophie played “Goth Girl” in a 2016 episode of Modern Family. She has also appeared in a few shorts.

Besides that, Sophie is a lover of art and aesthetics. Her entire Instagram speaks volumes of her passion for these things. Plus, she loves dogs and enjoys traveling.

Meanwhile, Sophie also creates jewelry based on her name.

Talking about her education, Sophie attended and graduated from Carnegie Mellon.

Sophie Hart And Ian Harding: Wedding, Any Kids Yet?

Sophie Hart and Ian Harding have been in a relationship with each other since 2011. The relationship between the two was so private, that most Pretty Little Liars fandom believed that Lucy Hale and Ian Harding were an item.

It’s not the fans’ fault actually, since they had intense chemistry. Even the best one would’ve made the mistake.

But, the relationship between the actor and photographer was developing and was going stronger behind the scene. In 2014, they bought a house together in a rustic canyon high above Los Angeles. Sophie and Ian bought the home from a previous owner who had made do with what they had.


Ian Harding with his wife Sophie Hart (Pic: Sophie’s Instagram)

Sophie’s beloved collection of illustrator Kay Nielsen’s plates (seen on the gallery wall here) inspired the look, which Ggem refers to as a “kind of Alice in Wonderland eclectic, creative boho.” She wanted a French-art-salon-style space and suggested pink walls; Nielsen’s illustrations inspired painting the existing concrete floor in a black and white harlequin pattern. She also wanted large paper flowers, seen over the dressing table.

Ian and Sophie hired Shannon Ggem, an LA-based interior designer to do all the necessary work in the house. They lived with their two dogs, Bailey and Mochi.

Sophie has been very supportive of her partner went on IG, every once in a while to share how proud she was of him.

In August 2021, a source connected directly with Ian revealed that he and his long-time girlfriend, Sophie tied the knots nearly two years ago. They had a wedding ceremony that took place back in October of 2019.

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