Joey Gugliemelli — also famous from the stage name “Sherry Pie” — is a drag persona who lends her voice for the LGBT people in New York.

Despite fighting for noble causes and carrying the support of the public, the drag artist was disqualified from the season 12 of “Rupaul’s Drag Race.”

Know more about the artist and the reason for her disqualification from the article below which is penned in a wiki format!

Disqualified From RuPaul’s Drag Race

Sherry Pie had a firm hold on the show airing in VH1 as she was a popular figure on the show.

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However, Sherry’s happiness became a short stay when she was declared disqualified by the representative of VH1 after a shocking reveal in the BuzzFeed news.

The news suggested that Sherry tricked his former friends calling herself a casting director going by the name of Allison Mossie.

By doing so, Sherry exchanged several emails with the aspiring actors and tricked them to submitting embarrassing tapes of themselves as an audition procedure.

Amongst them was one of his former classmates, Ben Shimkus from SUNY Cortland who extensively shared her grief and utter disbelief on the personality of the drag queen.

On the other hand, Sherry came out in the public and accepted the accusations. Also, she apologized to everyone who she hurt and asked for forgiveness.

How Tall Is Sherry Pie? Wiki, Family, Net Worth

Sherry Pie was born on 14 November 1991 in New York. She turned 28 years old as in 2019. As stated above, her birth name is Joey Gugliemelli.

Initially from New York, not much of Sherry’s family details were revealed except for her birthplace. However, ever since his childhood though, she explored her feminine side and experienced attraction towards men.

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Sherry Pie shows off her real self in 2019 (Pic: Sherry’s Instagram)

Soon enough, Sherry discovered her true self and wanted to become a drag star. So, she picked herself a stage name and became the voice of the LGBT group as well as the promoter of HIV/Aids.

Also, she hosted for NYC Pride in 2016 and appeared every Monday at “REBAR” in Chelsea. Coming at the start of 2020, she accumulated an estimated net worth of $200K – $250K from all her jobs.

Per reports online, Sherry stood well above five feet and eight inches in height.

Married, Partner, Dating Info

Sherry Pie was someone who always fancied being true and loving towards oneself.

More importantly, Sherry did not shy away from what she was and that made her someone many people looked up to as an inspiration.

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Sherry supported the LGBT community and helped people overcome their fear. However, in doing so, she lacked behind on finding a partner for herself.

Though her dating information wasn’t yet to be disclosed in the public as of 2020, the fans wanted to see her get married and settled in the future.

Unfortunately, the fans might have to wait for a time as she was found guilty of the charge of catfishing which may come back to hurt her one day.

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