While reality shows like Big Brother and Real Housewives constitute one of the big chunks of mainstream entertainment TV, TV shows like Barnwood Builders are equally important to the entertainment business as they bring engagement by providing knowledge and information without being too boring.

Sherman Thompson is the leading cast member of Barnwood Builders, a show where a team of builders converts unused barns and log cabins into attractive homes.

Since the restoration specialist has been on the show since its inception, it’s natural that viewers are curious to know about Sherman’s married life more than his net worth and age. The following Sherman Thompson Wikipedia will be all about him, his wife, and many more.

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Sherman Thompson Wife: Who Is The “Barnwood Builders” Star Married To?

Sherman Thompson is secretive when it comes to talking about his personal life on national television. While the show Barnwood Builders itself is not about drama and personal life, the foreman does not talk about his family off-show either. That being said, Sherman’s fans do know that he is married to his wife Roma Andreuzzi. The adorable duo has been married for more than 13 years as of February 2021. However, no details about their dating life and marriage are available on the Internet.


Sherman and his wife Roma in 2017.

Roma, who is a year older than her husband Sherman, was 45 at the time of marriage.

Sherman and his wife, Roma also have two lovely kids, both daughters. Their names are Agostina Thompson and Felicia Thompson.

Sherman might not talk much about his partner and kids, but when he does sometimes, he can’t stop praising them for what they bring to his life.

One time, when asked about his wife and kids, Sherman simply said— “I’ve been so lucky to have met Roma and to have her in my life and our girls.”

As fans of Sherman already know, he is quite private for his own reasons. The restoration specialist rarely talks about his family in the show Barnwood Builders. Plus, Sherman not having any social media account adds to the fact that information about his family members is still under the wraps.

For Sherman, staying out of social media shields himself and his family from all the negativity.

The Kentucky native said— “I’m very private. I’m a country boy from Fleming County. I will always be a country boy. I love being in the woods!”

How Old Is He?

Sherman Thompson was born on May 29, 1963, and turned 57 years old in 2020. Barnwood Builders‘ official Instagram handle wished him a 56th birthday on May 30, 2019. They wrote, “Happy Birthday to our favorite foreman! No one knows how to have fun while working hard quite like Sherman Thompson!!

According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Gemini.

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Sherman Thompson Hometown

According to, Sherman’s hometown is Wallingford, Kentucky. However, it’s been a long time since he relocated to Acme, Pennsylvania. In 2021, Sherman lives with his wife and kids in Acme.

Sherman Thompson Height

One of the most fun people in the Barnwood Builders Sherman Thompson stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet. Furthermore, the Kentucky native does not weigh lesser than 80 kilograms.

Is He On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Sherman is not available on Instagram or any social media for that case. Also, there are very thin chances that he would join social media in the future given what he has said about social media and the Internet in the past.

However, if you want to keep track of what Sherman is up to, some of the pictures from his work can be viewed on Barnwood Builders’ official Instagram handle.

Sherman Thompson Net Worth

Reportedly, Sherman Thompson’s net worth is estimated to be around $350 thousand.

Sherman, also known as Chainsaw King, met some of the cast members of the Barnwood Builders that include Mark Bowe and Johnny Jett a long time.

He and Johnny knew each other because both of them were in the business of dismantling logs and selling them for money. The duo met Mark Bowe as a supplier for their logs.

Then, in 1998, all of them joined forces and began to work for Sherman’s company, Antique Cabins, and Barns.

While Sherman derives most of his net worth from the show Barnwood Builders, he also earns a decent sum of money from his own company. Plus, the foreman in Mark Bowe’s crew also does carpentry in his free time.

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