Residing in Biloxi, Mississippi, one pharmacist named Savannah Sparks has a responsibility to dismantle the fake medical information surfacing on social media. We have access to excess information and we don’t have the filtering process of what’s true and what’s not. That’s where Savannah comes in.

With the conversation, Savannah stirred in the world, people wanted to know the details of the challenges and her accomplishments. Delve into this Savannah Sparks wiki to learn more about the TikTok pharmacist.

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Savannah Sparks Age

TikToker and Pharmacist, Savannah Sparks was reportedly 31 years old at the time of this writing in early May 2021. There was no further information shared on the date of her birth. As a result, information such as her birthday and her zodiac sign is a mystery yet to be resolved.

Savannah Sparks Family

Savannah Sparks was born to her father Barry Sparks and her mother Vera Baker, a pharmacist by profession, in her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina.

Barry, Savannah’s dad, was born to his father Ralph Thomas Sparks and mother Martha Scruggs Sparks who was a retired legal secretary and also a member of the S.C. Legal Secretary Association.

Savannah grew with two brothers Steve Sparks, Robbie Sparks, and two sisters Mary Sparks Palmer and Pat Sparks Adamo.

While the TikTok pharmacist shared that she has a sister who was a big inspiration for her to start Doxxing online scammers. Owing to the safety and privacy of her family, Savannah didn’t reveal much information about her family members. Plus, she also has a brother.

Her Height

Talking about physical attributes, Savannah Sparks stands tall at an average height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Her body weight fluctuated over the years and it was hard for her to maintain bodyweight ever since she had a baby. She apparently weighed a little above 61 kilograms (134 lbs).

As for her distinct features, Savannah reminds people who know her of her mother Vera Baker as she is her spitting image.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Social media is where the whole thing started for Savannah Sparks that earned her wider fame. She created two different accounts on her Facebook and Instagram for business purposes.

After receiving hate-filled DMs on her socials, Savannah deactivated her personal socials. Her personal Instagram was set private and it gathered 369 followers as of May 2021. Another IG titled @milkymalm earned 190 followers. In the same way, her private Twitter account garnered 45 followers.

Savannah is also on Facebook but shares almost no information on the platform.

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Savannah Sparks Education

After graduating high school, Savannah Sparks focused to earn a degree in Pharmacy. Following that, she joined the University of South Carolina. After graduation, she went on to earn her doctorate from the South University School of Pharmacy in 2014.

Savannah worked as a civilian pharmacist in the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Spring, Colorado. But, she never revealed the length of her service in the same position.

When Savannah earned fame and recognition as a prolific watchdog of TikTok medical misinformation, she was just a regular pharmacist based in Biloxi, Mississippi. She first earned fame in March of 2021 when fake vaccine cards showed up online for sale on Etsy, eBay, Facebook, and Twitter.

And during that period, Savannah thought it best to hold those people accountable. She began posting TikTok videos naming the sellers of the vaccine scammer. The video drew the attention of the Illinois Pharmacists Association. The video was sent for further investigation to the board.

Savannah Sparks’s TikTok gathered her 484.4k followers by May 2021. Whereas, her TikToks earned 15.4 million likes. She covered some hot topics related to COVID-19, about wearing a mask, and other health-related issues to spread public awareness.

Of course, the TikToks earned her notoriety but also garnered hate from a large group of people. Her socials were filled with DMs that were directed the cause harm to her family members. Some even dug her social media and sent spiteful comments to her family members.

Terrified at the time, Savannah, aka the TikTok pharmacist, decided to deactivate her socials. But, a realization came to her that if she wasn’t standing up against the cause who was going to? So, instead of deactivating she activated and stood up against all the falsified facts.

Besides Savannah’s health-watchdog job, she also runs a company named Milky Malm LLC. She shared about coming from a family of scientists. She advocates breastfeeding and is licensed as n international Board Certified Lactation Consultant in December of 2020.

Savannah Sparks allegedly sat on a total net worth of $800 thousand.

Savannah Sparks Husband

The South Carolina native Savannah Sparks found her happily ever after with her husband, Alex Malm.

Alex was born to his father Mark Malm and his mother Sharon Malm. Sharon worked as director of same-day surgery at Sanford Health. She graduates as a Registered Nurse from Minot State University, Bismark School of Nursing.

Alex graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from the U.S. Air Force Academy and was stationed at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs.

While the length of Savannah Sparks’ relationship with her Alex remains obscure, the couple got engaged on 24 January 2016. the TikTok pharmacist and her husband planned a spring wedding in 2017. The married couple welcomed their daughter in January 2019.

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