Featured on the Netflix series [Un]well, Sasha Cobra established herself as the tantra guru specialized in sex. She shared,

 “Some people are great at painting, some people are great musicians, some people are great cooks. I just happen to give people full-body orgasms.”

While most Asians are familiar with the term “Tantra”, it might be an entirely new concept to the western world. “Tantra” isn’t a sex technique but rather a way of relating to life, a way to live.

Sasha claimed,

“As funny as it sounds, I am tantra.”

Get to know more about Sasha Cobra as you tag along with this wiki-style article.

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Sasha Cobra Wiki — Age, Real Name, Birthday

Sasha Cobra celebrates her birthday on January 28. She must be around the age between 33 and 37 as of 2020.

Corresponding to her birthday, Sasha is of Aquarius zodiac.

While her surname “Cobra” sounds too good to be true, Sasha Cobra seems to be her real name. A perfect name to suit the mysterious “Tantric”.

As of 2020, Sasha lived in the peaceful Tepoztlán, Mexico.

Sasha Cobra Bio — Nationality, Early Life, Family

Since an early age, Sasha Cobra has always been the observant girl. She shared that she “watched everything, questioned everything, attempting to figure out”.

As for her family, Sasha seemed close to her little nephews. She loved the children and considered them as “teachers”. Also, she had pictures with them over her Instagram where they were seen enjoying salads.

A piece of advice to parents, Sasha wrote,

“Children are so precious. All parents should remember that to lead well, you must also know how to follow. So yes, be a guide to children… but also be their humble student.”

While Sasha had yet to reveal her nationality, judging from her accent she sounds American.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

As for her distinct features, Sasha maintained her mysteriously seductive charm. Her green eyes and short hair certainly added to the feature.

Furthermore, Sasha Cobra stands tall at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (165.1 cm). She weighed 54 kg (119.05 lbs) and measured 35-24-32 inches

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB, YouTube

According to the August 2020 data, Sasha entertained 12.5K followers on her Instagram @sashacobra and 400+ followers on twitter @sashacobra.

Also, find her on Facebook @sashacobra with 7.6K followers and Youtube @Sasha Cobra with 7.53K subscribers.

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Sasha Cobra Net Worth, Education, Reviews

Sasha Cobra’s net worth was estimated to under $300 thousand in 2020.

Thanks to her job as a “teacher, healer, and energy worker” in [Un]well, Sasha was able to accumulate quite a lot. However, Sasha worked in the field for over a decade. With no former education for Tantra or healing, Sasha started exclusively working on men.

Over the years, Sasha aided all genders from all over the world. Focusing on “Tantric Sex”, she got positive reviews like,

Why didn’t anybody tell me this before?,  Uh… no frankly, isn’t this revolutionary?!

Sasha moved up in the healing world and of course up in her fees as well.

She charged “Skype/phone sessions $225 per hour, individual in-person sessions for $275 per hour, and couple sessions (by phone, Skype, or in-person) for $275 per hour.”

According to her site, she provided expertise in “sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, conscious relating, and conscious lovemaking.”

Also, Sasha is an internationally known speaker and offered many workshops. On Dec 12- 21, 2020, she scheduled a workshop in Tulum, Mexico titled “Seed of Transformation Retreat”.

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Sasha Cobra Husband, Boyfriend, Partner

In 2020, Sasha Cobra was in a relationship with her boyfriend named Enrique. And as keen as Sasha was on traveling, she shared that she felt blessed to have found a traveling partner.

Enrique often appeared on Sasha’s Instagram with words filled with love. The couple seemed to have traveled places like Tepoztlán, Iceland, Berlin, Mykonos, and also France for world cup 2018.

Sasha Cobra with her boyfriend Enrique (Source: Sasha’s Instagram)

Moreover, with a picture of her leaning on her boyfriend, Enrique,  she shared,

“Women are so insistent to prove how self-sufficient and independent they are. But ladies, let me tell you… When life sends you a beautiful shoulder to lean on, give yourself the delicious gift of leaning…”

On her views regarding have a single partner or a single husband, Sasha claimed that she didn’t advocate monogamy, polygamy, or even polyamory.

She advised that you should do “what’s right for you.” However, she mentioned that what’s important was the process of figuring out what’s right for you. She added,

“Its kinda like if I had two meals in front of me, I wanna taste both to really know which I like better.”

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