Amy Hart, Love Island alum, confirmed her new relationship with a man some of our readers might be familiar with. Her new romance with entrepreneur Sam Rason was made official with an Instagram post.

Delve into this learn more about him with this Sam Rason Bio where we cover details on his age, mum, dad, and sister and his net worth.

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Sam Rason Age

In 2020, Sam Rason turned 33 years old. He celebrates his birthday every year on 31 December.

Sam Rason Family

Mick Rason and his wife Bonita Rason welcomed Samuel Rason as their son in their hometown in London, England. Mick turned 65 years old on 9 March 2021. As a patriarch of the family, Mick always had a huge impact on the life of both of his kids. While Sam spoke very little about his family, his sister wrote an emotional post on how he did everything for her.

Mick Rason never publicly shared his profession.

Five days after Mick celebrated his birthday, Bonita AKA Bonny celebrated her birthday. Though scarcely active, she can also be discovered on Facebook as well as Instagram. According to a tweet from back in September of 2012, Sam wrote that has a condition called dyslexia so she has difficulty in reading, writing, and even drawing.

Sam’s parents celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary on 18 October 2020.

As already mentioned, Sam is brother to his younger sister Sophie Rason. She attended Chancellor’s School where she studied A-level in English Literature, Drama & Theatre Studies, French, and AAB. Sophie graduated in 2009. After that, she attended and graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA degree in Criminal Justice & Criminology in 2014.

Sophie worked for several companies like Allsop LLP, Hamlyn Williams, Partitas Recruitment, and has been working as Director for Ingenio Group since August of 2018.

His Height: How Tall Is He?

Sam Rason stands tall at the height of 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 meters.

His Instagram, Facebook

(@samuelrason), Sam’s private Instagram account garnered 17.6k followers. It contained 238 posts in total. Similarly, his Twitter (@samuelrason) earned him 745 followers where he tweeted nearly 1,516 times.

Furthermore, Sam can also be discovered also on Facebook.

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Sam Rason Job: What Does He Do For A Living?

Sam Rason attended Chancellor’s School and graduated as a class of 2006. Later on, he joined Bournemouth University. He graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in international business and business studies in 2011.

After two years after of gap from his college graduation, Sam founded his first company, Zubitu. He started it in November of 2013. The platform was created for students to connect with other students who shared similar interests. He wanted to accelerate academic development with the platform.

Furthermore, the company focused on connecting students across universities to collaborate on research projects and provide them with a space to manage all of their work in a more structured and focused way.

The company did its operation until 2015 and Sam debuted as a fellow for Startup Leadership Program (SLP) for a year. SLP Fellows have been credited for founding nearly 1600 successful startups & raised more than $500M in funding.

In November of 2015, Sam established VIVA CITY – WeChat Mini Programs. A WeChat Mini Program SaaS solution for Real Estate, Hospitality, Tourism & Services businesses. The startup offered pre-built templates & plugins to streamline your setup, affordable monthly packages, customer Insights, and WeChat Pay integration availability.

The app was originally named Din Dins and helped Chinese diners find restaurants and enjoy translated menus through WeChat. In the course of the last 7 years, they built a wealth of experience in using WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book and have experimented with most Chinese social media platforms.

Sam has also worked for Rick Management Partners Ltd and Presenters Inc as a former presenter.

Sam Rason Net Worth

With a staggering net worth of $1.5 million, Sam Rason found success in his entrepreneurial path.

Amy Hart And Sam Rason: Dating, How Did They Meet?

Amy Hart and Sam Rason who is not from Love Island seem to have found love with each other. Like most public figures, she also made the relationship official on her IG.


Sam Rason and his former Love Island contestant girlfriend Amy Hart (Pic: Amy’s IG)

On the post from 30 August 2021, Amy Wrote: “Good things come to those who wait 😍💖🥂”

Other than his job as a tech-entrepreneur, Sam turned heads of people after getting hot under their collars in 2016 as he starred in supermarket Aldi’s rather saucy Easter advertisement, posing as a topless gardener who really, really likes hot cross buns as he mowed the lawn.

So, the lovely new couple seemed excited about meeting each other. This suggested that she truly might’ve found the one in him. Simultaneously, her fans also celebrated the relationship with the newly confirmed love birds.

Amy shared two pictures on the post. The first snap was taken in front of a Ferris wheel with both of them dressed formally and having a good laugh. Furthermore, she also posted Instagram stories writing, “We are very happy! Don’t settle. Wait for the right person. They will come!”

Sam’s previous relationships are very rare. The only known relationship that he ever been in was with Imogen Holly Leaver, a Stunt Woman/Ex-Model/Free Spirit/Nerd/Travel/Fitness/Food, according to her Twitter bio. In December 2012, both had publicly accepted each other as girlfriend and boyfriend.

He had also introduced her to his mom Bonita and even cooked dinner for her including the other family members, but the relationship didn’t last long it appears. Whether they are still in speaking terms or not, remains a mystery to many. On 31st December 2012, Imogen wrote on her Twitter, “Happy Birthday to my amazing boyfriend @samuelrason! Love you loads x x x”

Amy Hart had left the villa after her romance with Curtis Pritchard didn’t work.

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