Circa 2020, Sam Logan gained international fame as the boyfriend of Juliette Porter — the “Siesta Key” star.

Read along and discover details about Sam’s wiki. Likewise, become familiar with his job, net worth, and age! Further down the article, learn about his parents and family background.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Sam Logan was reportedly born in 1991. Thus, Sam turned 28 years of age in 2019.

Furthermore, Sam celebrated his birthday in early July every year. Regarding zodiac sign, he possessed all the traits of Cancer.

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Sam Logan Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Named after his dad, Sam Logan was born to Samuel Carlyle Logan and his wife. He hailed from a family of four and grew up with a brother.

An American by nationality, Sam possessed Caucasian ethnicity. Unfortunately, info about his siblings was as rare as they make.

Digging into his family life: Sam grew up a rich kid. Interested folks received an insight into his luxurious childhood when a report stated Sam’s parents owned a $4.5 million house in Sarasota County.

For education, Sam attended University of Central Florida.

Sam Logan Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Tallest in the family, Sam Logan possessed over 6 feet. Moreover, he indulged in regular workout sessions and kept above 79 kilograms weight.

Sam’s big nose defined his facial features. Likewise, he regularly participated in outdoor activities.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

There was a time when Sam Logan was on Facebook and Twitter. For reasons unknown to the public, he deleted his accounts on the platforms.

However, Sam was active on Instagram, operating under the username @ sam_jlo. By mid-June 2020, some 33.8 thousand followed him there.

Sam Logan Job, Net Worth, Siesta Key

Being born into a life of excess, Sam Logan was most likely to land a top job from early on. That said, as of June 2020, nobody knew what he did for a living.

With Juliette Porter as his romantic affiliation, many expected Sam to join the cast of “Siesta Key”. Interestingly, Sam also knew other members of the show including Kelsey Owens, Chloe Trautman, and Brandon Gomes.

Going by his Instagram posts, Sam and “Siesta Key” star Alex Kompothecras — Juliette’s ex — ran in the same circle. Moreover, they went as far back as 2016.

Sam Logan’s net worth escaped online reports. However, peeping at his IG, one could assume it to cross $1 million. From the private jet to frequent trips, Sam flaunted his wealth on social media.

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Sam Logan Juliette Porter, Dating, Girlfriend

Juliette Porter first popped up on Sam Logan’s IG in December 2019. Meanwhile, he began showing up on his girlfriend’s Instagram in January 2020.

Two days before the 2020 Valentine’s Day, Juliette posted a photo of them kissing in front of the Disney World.

In March 2020, Juliette and Sam took a romantic trip to Aspen, Colorado.

When the Summer of 2020 kicked around, Sam and Juliette were still dating.

What’s more, before Sam, Juliette enjoyed an on-and-off romance with “Siesta Key” co-star Alex Kompothecras.

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