Sam Kavanaugh has risen to be the six-time Jeopardy champion after winning the $250,000 grand prize on Jeopardy season 37.

The Minnesota substitute teacher competed for 10 days against Michigan wine tasting consultant, Jennifer Quail, Oregon reference librarian, Veronica Vichit-Vadakan, who each won $100,000, and $50,000 cash prizes.

So, what’s his story? Learn all about his age, net worth, and relationship status over this Sam Kavanaugh wiki.

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Sam Kavanaugh Jeopardy, Tournament Of Champions

Sam Kavanaugh dominated Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions since day 1. On the first day, Sam earned himself a stunning $38,000 while his co-contestants Jennifer and Veronica earned 14,500 and $6,000 respectively. The next day, Sam left them to dust garnering $58,388, and eventually went on to win the tournament.

According to Jeopardy, they were matching the first prize of $250,000 in a donation to Hope of the Valley Trebek Center for the Homeless in honor of late host Alex Trebek.

After hearing about the goodwill, Alex’s wife, Jean Trebek, shared that it was “wonderful” in a statement. She added,

“The show’s generosity continues to reflect Alex’s desire to assist underrepresented communities.”

Sam Kavanaugh Age

Sam Kavanaugh was 31 years of age, or close to it (since his birthday wasn’t shared) when he won Jeopardy in May 2021.

His Height

Jeopardy season 37 grand champion, Sam Kavanaugh stands a little short than Alex (5’8′) as revied his prize on the show. So, speculatively, his height could be around 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm).

Sam Kavanaugh Family

Sam Kavanaugh’s parents both are Duluth school teachers (No surprise, he went on to be a teacher himself.) But his dad wasn’t just an educator. He owned a sheep farm, where Sam spent most of his early life. According to Sam, his dad’s farm was the place where he “learned a lot of different things about hard work”.

Apart from them, Sam talked nothing about his family. However, he did once mention a 15-year-old nephew (in 2021) whose birthday fell in February.

Born and raised in Carlton, Minnesota, Sam (now $250,000 richer) shared that he is a “relatively well-off white guy in Minneapolis.” He added, 

“From now on, the primary criterion for my vote in local and state elections will be whether a candidate will responsibly remove and replace the Minneapolis police force.”

It seems that the Jeopardy master had enough of the police brutality. Even on most of his Tweets, Sam spoke against the Minneapolis police violence. Furthermore, he urges his followers to “call the police” only when it’s necessary.

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His Instagram, Facebook

As of May 2021, Sam’s Instagram account wasn’t found. But we did find him over Facebook @sam.kavanaugh.5.

His Twitter account @sam_kavanaugh entertained 1.4K followers then.

Sam Kavanaugh Net Worth

By 2021, Sam Kavanaugh garnered a net worth of over $750 thousand. This estimation was done after Sam’s victory in Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions season 37, adding +$250 thousand to his net worth. Also, it includes all of Sam’s previous cash prizes including the one from Jeopardy 2019 where he reeled in $156,000 during a five-game streak.

After his 2021 Jeopardy feat, Sam shared that he was returning to his hometown to work as a counselor at Carlton Community Education’s three-day “Flight and Outer Space” summer camp.

Just in case you are curious, an average substitute teacher in Minnesota made around $21 per hour in 2021.

In light of his education, Sam is a 2013 graduate of Carleton College, Northfield, Minn, where his thesis topic was titled the “Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl”. Funnily, he mentioned that he had to wear a costume during the presentation as well.

Sam Kavanaugh Wife: Is He Married?

As of 2021, Sam Kavanaugh didn’t seem like he was married. Also, no information about his dating life was shared over the internet.

Did you know: Sam struggled with insomnia his whole adult life. He confessed that the fall in his “performance stats” was because of a “lack of sleep”. But luckily, he had a “wonderful” yoga instructor Chance York, who helped him with a series of short “wind-down” video routines to reduce stress and get the much-needed rest before the 2021 Jeopardy semifinals.

If you require a yoga instructor as well, then the 6-times-Jeopardy-champion endorsed Chance York might be the guy for you. Find Chance at “” under the teacher’s tab or just ask around about his company “Chance Connected.”

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