With a distinct background than most, the well-known, Hollywood Video Editor, Sabrina Skau is a confident sole winner. Her struggles have encouraged 100s in and out of the entertainment industry and set the path for the ones who lack self-confidence, because of stereotyping.

Besides her job, Sabrina is also a focused martial artist. After tough blue belt years, she shared with her fans that, she was promoted to a purple belt.

Read more to discover Sabrina’s early family life, gender, and her life with her partner!

Sabrina Skau Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Sabrina Skai reached the age of 31 on her 2020 birthday. As per her 30th October 1988 birthday, her zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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Sabrina Skau Wiki — Family, Heritage, Hometown

Sabrina Skau’s heritage traces back to Malaysia, where the lady was born. Despite born in Malaysia, Sabrina’s family brought her up in Portland, Oregon.

Sabrina has not unveiled many details on her early family life, although her present life with her partner has been like an open book to the public.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Sabrina Skau stands at a height of 5 feet 2 inches. Similarly, her weight of under 49 kgs, best complement her unique looks.

Although the industry has always given space to every kind of look and appearance, Sabrina is one of the kind, with many distinct features. Her extra-ordinary facial as well as bodily features are amongst the cliche breakers. Her quirky hair and perfect jawline are instances of her distinct feature.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Although Sabrina’s growth in most social media is quite apparent and obvious, she completely cut-off her Twitter use since 2015. While her activity rate on IG and FB have been comparatively increasing day by day, she is still very less gripped by the social media flash.

Whatsoever, Sabrina had more than 1.3K people follow her on Instagram until October 2020 with on 70 posts on the site.

Sabrina Skau Job, Net Worth, Education

Sabrina Skau attended the University of Southern California for her higher-level education. She has two degrees in Anthropology. Before working in the field, she completed her MA in visual anthropology & documentary video from the University. Before joining for her MA degree, Sabrina had completed her B.A. in Anthropology from Brown University.

Also, for her early education, the lady had attended David Douglas High School. And, for her Semester Abroad in 2011, she went to the School of Oriental and African Studies under the University of London.

Sabrina is amongst those who made the best use of their University degrees in the entertainment industry. After completing her studies, the Interned at the Media Talent Group for 2 months in 2013 and then joined Sandwich Video as a Creative Director. She also worked as a Video Producer at FATHAPPY MEDIA LLC from October 2017 to March 2018. After leaving her job, Sabrina started working as a Freelance Video Editor, for the ones needed. Further, in September 2018, she joined Ipsos as a Video Editor and Ethnographer.

All in all, from all the jobs she put her hands into, Sabrina Skau amassed a justifying net worth of above $300 thousand.

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Shalita Grant & Sabrina Skau: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Sabrina Skau found love in the famous TV actress, Shalita Grant in 2016. The two started dating since the time, as they met on a dating app.

Sabrina and Shalita soon realized that they were meant for each other and got engaged in 2017. It was Sabrina who proposed to Shalita during the 2017 Christmas Eve when both of them were on their matching onesies.

Nearly 8 months after the couple got engaged, they got married on 8th August 2018. Sabrina and Shalita opted for a symbolic wedding. Thus, the two took vows at San Francisco’s City Hall, the exact site where the first same-sex couple of California got married.


Sabrina Skau poses with her then-newly wed wife, Shalita Grant in front of the City Hall. (Pic: Sabrina’s FB)

Over time as a married couple, Sabrina and her partner Shalita Grant have come across many questions regarding kids. However, no lesser than their kids are their adorable dogs. This beautiful couple is living their dreams with their most loved ones.

Sabrina Skau Gender, Pronouns, Sexuality

By her gender, Sabrina Skau is female. She is a Lesbian by her sexuality and prefers the pronouns “she/her” for herself. (Diazepam)

Sabrina has always been an openly Lesbian that has encouraged many to have pride, more than just accept, your sexuality.

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