Finding true love has been one of the most excruciating tasks for the people of the twenty-first century. Especially in this age of social media, people can’t discern a difference between what is real and what is fake.

In such a situation, getting to know everything about your possible partner while living under the same house is a viable solution to solve the difficulty of young people in finding their partner.

Following the same premise is CBS’s TV show Love Island which is the US version of the original UK Love Island. As Love Island premiered on the 24th of August 2020, it welcomed a total of 6 boys and 5 girls in the first installment and two girls in the second installment.

With only seven days into the show, fans are already more than excited to know about the contestants, especially Minnesota born Rachel Lundell. In the article laid out in a wiki-style format, find more about Rachel’s bio, net worth, and dating life.

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Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Minneapolis born and bred Rachel Lundell’s age was 21 as of this writing (Aug 2020). Her zodiac sign is Aquarius. Rachel is a college student in Minneapolis; she is bound to make the most out of her summer break while she is on Love Island.

Even though Rachel’s birthday is not known, her birthday can be guessed based on her zodiac sign. Given that her astrological sign is Aquarius, her birthday falls between 19th January and 19th February.

Rachel Lundell Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Rachel Lundell was nurtured by her African-American parents. What’s more, she keeps a low profile on her social media. Nor does she appear frequently in interviews.

That is why it is tough to extract any information about her parents and siblings.

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Rachel Lundell Height, Weight, Measurements

Rachel is a very fun and athletic girl in real life. Whenever she is free from her college stuff, she usually exercises. That explains why she is fit and healthy.

Rachel Lundell owns a slim build and stands at an average height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has a weight of 49 kilograms. Rachel also boasts an appealing measurement of 32-24-32 inches.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Rachel earned fairly huge fans after she joined Love Island Season 2. With more and more fans wondering about her, she has to remain in touch with those fans.

With a decent social media reach, she is available on IG and Twitter. As of late-Aug 2020, she enjoyed 1.2 thousand and 53 followings on her IG and Twitter respectively. She is yet to open her account on FB.

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Rachel Lundell Net Worth, Job, Education

Given that Rachel had never left Minnesota before joining Love Island, she probably got her education from there.

Like everyone else joining Love Island, Rachel also flew to Las Vegas in the first week of August, where she was quarantined for almost fourteen days.

Although Rachel’s journey in Love Island was still very short, it had been quite exhilarating. As of the 4th episode of Love Island, she was paired up with Jeremiah. Jeremiah had a tough journey in the premiere.

Being the first guy introduced in the show, no women picked him. He ended up pairing with Cely Vazquez, only to be taken over by Tre Forte. With that, Jeremiah by default paired up with Justine Nbida.

The problem in Jeremiah and Justin’s relationship was kind of apparent. Their relationship was more like siblings than romantic partners.

Therefore when Jeremiah received a text that he would be going on a date with Rachel in the secret jacuzzi.

A part-time job during her college days and placement in the cast of Love Island has helped her make some fortune. Rachell Lundell was estimated to have a net worth of $175 thousand [Aug 2020].

Rachel Lundell Boyfriend, Husband

Rachel’s bio on Twitter reads, “dream big and stay patient,” which is not quite different from how she is in real life.

Dissatisfied with her boyfriend, Rachel Lundell broke up with him and entered Love Island to find a dream guy for her. Unlike her previous relationships, Rachel expressed she really looking for chemistry in Love Island. The American beauty also stated she would be elated if her future boyfriend or husband was taller than her.

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  3. […] Read More: Rachel Lundell Wiki: Height, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth […]

  4. […] Read More: Rachel Lundell Wiki: Height, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth […]

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