Lesa O’Daniel is best known as the wife of comedian Felipe Esparaza. However, she is also equally equipped to share the media attention on her own right. Not only she serves as the manager of her comedian husband but worked as a producer and writer of several TV shows including Netflix’s special, The Shop.

Lesa brought huge changes in the life and career of Filipe. Not only she saved him from the long battle of addiction and debt, but he also became a celebrated comedian with a little push and support of Lesa O’Daniel.

So for that reason, we’ve penned a wiki article for a better look at Lesa’s professional and personal life. So, delve in to learn more about her.

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Lesa O’Daniel Wiki — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Lesa Mae O’Daniel blew her birthday candle on 16 February in 2020. Being born in 1972, she turned 48 years old while as of the time of this writing.

Moreover, she is Aquarius by her zodiac sign.

Lesa O’Daniel Bio — Family, Nationality, Ethnicity

Lesa O’Daniel was born to her father Johnnie Ray O’Daniel and her mother Saundra Gail Richardson in Jacksonville, Florida. Johnnie worked in Fort Eglin Air Force Base but left Florida to move to Ohio. At the time, it was difficult for him to support his family as he worked as a roofer and construction worker.

As the construction job in Ohio steadily declined, Lesa and her family moved to Colorado.

Lesa is of mixed ethnicity hailing; Caucasian heritage from her mother’s side. Allegedly, her parents got divorced and Lesa claimed about never seeing her father after 1993.

More on her family, Lesa has two younger brothers David O’Daniel and Johnnie O’Daniels Jr who were born in Daytona, Ohio. She is very close to both of her siblings and noted both as a great father. Meanwhile, Lesa and her brothers are American nationals.

Apparently, Lesa’s father had moved to Kentucky where he owned a farm, found his second wife, got married, and had two children, a son, and a daughter. Johnnie passed away in April of 2017.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about her physical features, Lesa O’Daniel stands at an average height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Similarly, she weighed 68 kilograms (149 lbs) at the same time.

As for distinct features, Lesa inked a creature resembling something close to octopus or squid on her arm. She often changed her hair color and dyed blonde as of the end of August 2020 that further adds beauty to her oval face.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, FB, Twitter

Lesa also saw considerable growth on her social media following along with the thriving career of her husband Felipe Esparaza. Her Instagram account was followed by 4278 people who knew her. Her Twitter account is also growing steadily with 624 followers at the same time.

Meanwhile, Lesa is also on Facebook and actively posts on the platforms. She used the platform to support and promote her husband and to speak on several causes including the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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Lesa O’Daniel Job, Net Worth, Education

Starting with education, Lesa O’Daniel attended Colonel White Performing Arts as a class of 1990. She stood 11th in her class. After graduation, she went on to join Wright State University on the scholarship and financial aid which she earned. She graduated in 1994 majoring in Psychology earning her bachelor’s degree in Science.

Later on, Lesa joined The City University in New York, Baruch College where she studied Organizational Development. She graduated with an MBA degree in 2001.

At that time, both Lesa and her ex-husband worked two jobs to support each other.

When it comes to her career, Lesa briefly worked in The Ice House Comedy Club. After that, she joined Goldman Sachs in August of 1999 to work as Graphic Art Designer. She was 10 blocks away from the world trade centers when the 9/11 attack happened.

But later, she and her ex-husband moved to LA where they had their son.

She quit her job in Goldman Sachs after working for almost two years in April 2003. After she filed for divorce with her husband, she started working as a waitress to support her son and herself.

But, Lesa built the necessary expertise to help out her with Filipe’s career as a stand-up comedian while working at The Laugh Factory. What’s more, she also met Filipe in The Laugh Factory. She joined in November of 2006 and quitted in 2008.

Lesa also worked as a producer of HBO’s Translate This.

After her two years gig in The Laugh Factory, Lesa O’Daniel began her job as CFO in Felipe’s World Inc. As of the summer of 2020, she and her husband accumulated a total net worth of $3 million.

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Lesa O’Daniel & Felipe Esparaza: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Lesa O’Daniel & Felipe Esparaza go way back, even before 2009. The pair first appeared together on social media in the Facebook account of Lesa in February 2009. This suggested that they had already started dating each other around that time.

As it turned out, they met each other at The Laugh Factory. However, they stayed in and out of relationship initially. But, sparks flew between the two once again in 2008 and the relationship took serious turn since then.

Lesa and Felipe eventually tied knots in December of 2014. The couple created videos out of the wedding photo which Felicia Michaels uploaded on YouTube as a memory of their wedding.

The married couple went on to have three kids of their own, Felipe Jr. Tuesday, and Phillip. Also, Lesa has a son named Mikolo AKA Issak Ludlow Wintringham from her ex-husband Joshua Wintringham.

Lesa and Joshua met at Wright State as students. The tied knots while in the college on 29 December 1993. As they realized their unhappiness, they got divorced in 2006 and left in good terms.

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