Payton Saxon soared to popularity as Gabbie Hanna’s boyfriend. As of March 2021, he and the controversial YouTuber were still dating.

This Payton Saxon wiki reveal details about Gabbie Hanna’s boyfriend such as his job, age, and family. Likewise, it outlines his height, net worth, and social media reach.

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Payton Saxon Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Payton Saxon turned 32 years of age in 2020. What’s more, every 27th February morning, we wakes up to birthday messages and e-mails.

Based on the information mentioned above, Payton was born a Pisces in the year 1989.

On his 32nd birthday, Payton tweeted his birthday cake. The cake in question, however, was a candle set on two 2 pieces of cucumber.

Payton Saxon Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

As of 2021, Payton was living in Los Angeles, California. Before moving to the city of angels, he was a resident of Triadelphia, West Virginia and Weirton, West Virgina. Either could be his hometown.

Payton Saxon was reportedly born to his parents: Richard and Noreen Saxon.

Noreen’s maiden name is McPherson. Meanwhile, Richard attended Weir High School, West Virginia University, and Franciscan University of Steubenville. As for his job, he is an operator at R.E. Saxon Jewelers.

Hailing from a family of 5, Patyon grew up with two siblings: Christian and Suzanne Saxon. What’s more, Suzanne married her husband, Joe Canterbury in October 2019. As of 2021, the married couple was residing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Payton finished in high school in 2007. He then attended West Virginia University, eventually graduating in 2011 with a BS in Exercise Physiology.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Measuring above 6 feet and 2 inches in height, Payton Saxon towers above Gabbie Hanna. Moreover, he should weigh above 80 kilograms.

When Gabbie first began showing off Payton on Instagram, some disgruntled fans commented she was dating a bald man. In many ways, it is his distinct feature.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Thanks to his romantic affiliation with Gabbie, Payton Saxon amassed quite a following on social media.

By March 2021, Payton entertained around 54 thousand Instagram followers. Elsewhere on Twitter, he had 2.7 thousand followers.

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Payton Saxon Job, Net Worth, Career

As of March 2021, Payton Saxon was still serving as a Trauma Sales Representative at Stryker. He first took over the job in January 2019.

Before Stryker, Payton worked at Neilson Financial Services. He was with the company for 8 months in 2018.

For 3 years and 6 months, between October 2014 and March 2014, Payton was with AT&T first as an Inside Sales Representative and then as a Territory Sales Manager.

Previously, Patyon enjoyed stints at Rob’s Fitness Factory, Dynamic Physical Therapy, and West Virgina University as Exercise Physiologist, Physcial Therapy Technician, and Personal Trainer respectively.

According to online reports, Payton Saxon has around $0.25 million net worth.

Payton Saxon And Gabbie Hanna: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

In August 2019, Payton Saxon began dating Gabbie Hanna. However, the YouTuber didn’t begin flaunting her boyfriend until November that year. On one of the earliest IG posts about their romance, Gabbie wrote— “listen ya’ll. i get it. YOU GET IT, i have a boyfriend. and i’m truly sorry for all the bf spam. but i’ve never, even before i was “on” social media, been open and public about who i was dating. but i just can’t fuckin help it. i’ve never been with someone that made me scream from the rooftops about him. and i met that person. so this is me, screaming. I HAVE 28 YEARS OF BEING PUBLICLY SINGLE TO MAKE UP FOR LET ME BE HAPPY PLZ. lmao 😂”

Continuing the trend of showing each other love on Instagram, Gabbie waxed poetics about her boyfriend, Payton. She began— “i hate being wrong, so it pains me to admit that all the cliches and love stories i’ve denied my whole life are so, very, undeniably real. this man came into my life when i was least expecting it, when i wasn’t looking for it.”

Gabbie continued— “he is my soul-mate. he makes me want to be a better person. he’s brought me so much peace and clarity. he supports me, protects me, believes in me. he’s patient, he’s kind, he’s understanding and an amazing listener. he’s artistic, he’s inspiring, he’s the hardest worker i know. he’s fair, he’s generous, he’s exciting. he loves to learn, and he loves teaching me what he’s learned. he is my other half and counterpart in every way imaginable, and i just can’t imagine my life without him. he’s walked through hell with me and been by my side through it all.”

The YouTuber concluded the post the words— “i will love him until i’m dead & rotting, and then some more. i love you so much, my beautiful, supportive, kind, smart, [tall & handsome], patient, supportive, affectionate, selfless King. i’m yours forever.”

Before she met Payton, Gabbie dated Andrew Siwick. Reportedly, Gabbie and Andrew dated for less than a year. Neither confirmed the relationship.

Gabbie, who used to joke about being single before falling for Payton, once labeled one of her exes “a pathological liar”.

Back to Payton and Gabbie, on their first anniversary the YouTube penned a poem and shared it on Twitter. To read the poem, click here.

Amid the COVID pandemic in October 2020, the couple recorded a music video on their phones for Payton’s single “Happy”. Admittedly, they were both drunk during the process.

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