Amaria Williams, best known as rapper Omeretta The Great, is the new face of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She joined the cast with Yung Baby and Renni Rucci. This marked her new career as a reality star. So, let’s explore her career, life, boyfriend details, and ethnicity.

Learn more about the Atlanta-based rapper with this Omeretta Wiki.

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Her Age, Birthday

Omeretta turned 24 years old while celebrating her birthday in June 2020. Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday on 20 June. Thus, she owned Gemini as her zodiac sign.

Omeretta Ethnicity, Real Name, Hometown

Omeretta, real name Amaria Williams, was born to her father Marreo D Williams and her mother Mohummad Niobia in her hometown of Atlanta, Georiga, the United States. Her father, Marreo died in July of 1997 for the cause of gang-related. Most of the earliest posts on her IG were related to her late father.

Omeretta is of African-American ethnicity.

As for her mother, Mohummad is surviving and thriving with kids and grandkids by her side. Besides, that her career remains a mystery as of this writing.

Talking about siblings and half-siblings, Omeretta has at least three of them. Of them, she has a brother named Rashid Williamson, and two sisters one of which is Nyrobi while the other goes by the name @koolaskshot in her IG. Nyrobi is married and has two sons with her husband.

Omeretta Height, Measurements

Omeretta stands at a below-average height of 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters). It was not always when Omeretta gave extra effort to look pretty and “girly.” Before college, she was a Tom-boy but her dressing sense changed completely when she attended college.

Back in 2017, Omeretta was criticized for appearing in Native American attire. A Twitter user named Cheyanne came at the rapper with a series of 6 tweets in total. In the tweets, she accused Omeretta of sexualizing native women, addressed sexual assault rates, criticized using the name Pocahontas for ignorance.

Regardless, Omeretta looked stunning with her measurements of 31-24-37 inches.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Now discussing social media reach, Omeretta is on Instagram with 1.4 million followers with a verified account which is very impressive. She posted 278 times in total as of June 2021.

Furthermore, Omeretta is also on Twitter with 250.3k followers. The Twitter profile earned her 129.3k tweets in total for which we can say she is very active. In the same way, her Facebook page earned her 92k followers.

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Omeretta Net Worth

Omeretta sat a total net worth of $100 thousand by 2021. But, time and again she expressed her desire to have a reported total net worth of $1 million.

First thing first, her stage name Omeretta or Omeretta The Great, she got her name from her uncle, Omartta. She adopted the name and made it a girl version. From a very young age, she wanted to be famous. As she shared in a podcast, she wanted to become a lawyer and even if she had become a lawyer, she would’ve worked in the entertainment industry so she could be in the spotlight all of the time.

But, it was the childhood trauma of losing her father and her friend, that got her to start writing. It was a medium for her to vent her pain. After graduating high school, she went to college at Savannah State University.

The college helped her escape from the life in the hood that she grew up in. However, she dropped out of college after two semesters. Why? Because for her college was just an option and she had always wanted to pursue a career in music.

Omeretta started by posting videos of herself rapping, to popular beats. She used Twitter as a platform to promote her work and she earned popularity after that. She knew hip hop was her calling when she was in 12th grade.

Omeretta dropped her full-length debut project for the first time in 2016. It was titled Black Magic: A Dose of Reality. Some of the hit singles that she released were, Road Rage, For What, Space, Dat’s Cap, and The Intro among a few others.

In 2019, Omeretta released another full-length work titled Welcome To The Jungle. It was a 16 track project which featured a guest appearance from Pressure, Lil Donald, and YFN Lucci. She cited Lil Wayne, YFN Lucci, and Jay Z as her inspiration for the style that she adopted for rapping.

Along with rapping, Omeretta is also pursuing her modeling career. Plus, she also wanted to pursue photography.

But before her career as a rapper took off, Omeretta worked at Panera Bread, Joe’s Crab Shack, The Amazon Wearhouse, A burger shack, Tasty China Jah, Metro PCS, and American Deli.

Omeretta Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone?

As of 2021, Omeretta is in a relationship, but she avoided divulging information on her man. But, one thing that we know was that he was doing time in prison. Nevertheless, she stayed loyal to her boyfriend even though it was a struggle to maintain a relationship with him being inside the bars.

But, as a loyal woman, Omeretta had no trouble keeping the relationship strong. However, that doesn’t mean she never had people in the music industry with connections trying to get their way with her.

But, Omeretta curved all of them as loyal girlfriends.

During an interview with Bars on I-95, she talked about people from big record labels misusing her name and telling people that they “smashed her.” But, she disapproved of all of the rumors.

More about her relationship: Omeretta wished that her beau would be released soon. Moreover, in several interviews, she shared about getting suspended from seeing her lover after a ruckus that transpired in the place where her boyfriend was kept.

Apparently, it was related to her wearing a headband while the female authority disallowed it. She got in a heated argument leading to her restriction.

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