Lee Travis earned prominence as the fiance of American lifestyle blogger Emily Herren. Both of them have been in the center of attention for a very long time because of each of their successful career. Plus, Emily’s immense number of followers gave them celebrity status.

So, it is natural that fans would like to know more about Lee Travis. Learn more about the fiance of lifestyle blogger Emily Herren with this Lee Travis Wiki.

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Lee Travis Age

Lee Travis turned 27 years old while celebrating his birthday in 2021. Furthermore, he celebrates his birthday on 2 July every year. Per that information, Lee secured Cancer as his zodiac sign.

Lee Travis Family

Lee Robert Travis is very private when it comes to sharing details on his family. Almost no information surfaced in the public domain regarding his parents and possible siblings. This hinted at the secretive nature of Lee regarding personal information.

In the same way, Lee Travis’s fiance Emily Herren also keeps personal details to herself. She discussed her parents choosing a career path for her but never revealed their names.

So, we stay in dark regarding details on either of their parents.

His Height

Emily has found herself a handsome hunk who stands tall to the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). Moreover, the blonde hair, an attention-grabbing smile, and well-built physique made Lee Travis much more attractive.

As for the blogger, her pretty stunning looks and attractive personality are some of the attributes that complied with her career.

His Instagram, Facebook

Talking about social media reach, Lee Travis could only be discovered on Instagram. The platform earned him a total of 18.1k followers. On the platform, he posted 254 times in total. However, he kept his account private as of June 2021.

But, as for his fiance, Emily boasted 1.1 million followers on the same and posted 1853 times in total. She was also on Twitter with 360 followers the platform where she made 117 tweets.

Emily is also on Facebook where she is friends with 925 people.

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Lee Travis Job

As reported in Open Pay Rolls, Lee Travis receives a total salary of $70,000 as a police officer. This contributes to his total net worth of $300 thousand.

Just like his personal details, Travis is also private about his professional career. But, based on the IG of Emily, we’ve discovered that he has a job as a police officer in Austin Police Department.

He graduated in July of 2016, the day after a tragic shooting in Dallas that took the life of five Dallas officers. He and 36 new officers joined the Austin Police Department but the graduation was overshadowed by the loss of five of Dallas’s finest.

Lee and his fellow police officers were the 133rd cadet class who finished 32 weeks of training.

During an interview with Fox 7, Lee told, “I think the last eight months have kind of prepared us for events like last night. We know what we’re signing up for when we sign up for the academy and it’s an amazing department. They spent the last eight months training us and preparing us for the worst, for events like last night, so we’ve had that mentality for the last eight months.”

However, the Texas State University graduate, who earned his BBA degree in 2015 in Marketing and International Business, didn’t always work for PD. He had worked as a brand ambassador for Banana Republic/ Gap Inc. in 2013. He had also worked as a coach/ counselor and leadership team for T Bar M Camps for a year.

Lee had also worked at Mondelez International serving in the position of Sales Service Representative. Furthermore, he had also worked in State Farm as a sales and marketing assistant.

Briefly talking about Emily’s career, she wrote on her blog how she deviated from the career path that her parents chose, for her which was Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, and followed lifestyle blogging as her career path.

Emily occasionally shows appreciation for her fiance’s career as a police officer.

Lee Travis And Emily Herren: Engaged, Married Yet?

Lee Travis and Emily Herren first appeared publicly as a couple in October of 2018. She posted a snap of herself with the boyfriend which was taken in Palms Casino Resort. However, she never confirmed that if the man in the picture was her boyfriend.

But, fans were quick to learn that she was in a relationship when Lee started frequenting her social media. She documented her travel and time together on her IG and fans knew what they had was serious.


Lee and his fiance Emily together in May of 2021 (Pic: Emily’s IG)

In late June 2020, Lee publicly proposed to his girlfriend in a park outside. The picture from the day was posted on her Instagram in which she wrote— “Easiest YES of my life 🤍🤍🤍”

Two months after, in August Emily shared that she confirmed her wedding venue. She also confirmed that they planned on getting married in October of 2021. They registered their wedding for 2 October 2021 to be precise.

They also created a website for their wedding details but it was kept private. As for the wedding gifts they wished for donations at the charities such as The Texas Fallen Officer Foundation, Wish Upon A Wedding, and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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